13 Tips for Staying Awake While Reading

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Although reading seems like a very simple and even relaxing activity, we spend a lot of energy while reading. We may find ourselves on the verge of sleep while reading a book, and there are many reasons for this. For example , when you immerse yourself in a gripping text, you get away from all your worries about life and relax, and this relaxation brings sleep. Or tired eyes and a comfortable environment combine with the tiredness of the day and falling asleep is an inevitable end. So, what can we do to avoid falling asleep while reading a book?

• The comfort of the environment should be sufficient for reading but insufficient for sleeping.
• Pay attention to active reading, paying attention to each word.
• Prefer to sit upright rather than lean back.
• Drinking cold water will make you feel more sober.
• Avoid low light to reduce eye strain.

• Do not prefer very hot environments.
• Go for genres that interest you more.
• Before reading, you can do light exercises, take a warm shower and drink beverages such as coffee.
• If you want to do a reading that will not be interrupted by sleep, you can prefer it in the morning.
• If you encode reading into your brain as an activity done before going to sleep, you will feel sleepy when you start reading because you have conditioned yourself.

• Listening to calm music in the background will make it difficult for you to fall asleep.
• If you take a break and move while reading a book (to get up and walk, etc.), you will be prevented from falling asleep as it stimulates the circulatory system.
• Try reading aloud when you are very distracted.

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