12 Memorable Quotes on Success from Nietzsche

In addition to the world of philosophy, Friedrich Nietzsche successfully existed as a poet, cultural critic and composer, and influenced the most important writers of his time and shed light on many people. Let’s all listen to the words of Friedrich Nietzsche, who touched the thoughts so much and provided success in every field he is interested in, from which those who aim for success can learn lessons for themselves!
1) “Pain that doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.”
2) “Life belongs to the one who overcomes himself. But first you have to build yourself. With an upright body and an upright soul.”
3) “The man who lives life successfully and creates it by himself is a complete and superior man.”
4) “Climb on your own shoulder. How else can you rise?”
5) “Strong hope is a greater stimulus to life than any real happiness that has come to pass.”
6) “Those who do not trust the fire of their heart and brain cannot achieve lasting success.”
7) “People are born, grow, live and die. The important thing is not to live long, but to do more as long as you live.”
8) “It is not the strength of great feelings, but their continuity that makes a person great.”
9) “The majority looks at the road, the minority looks at the goal.”
10) “Let your greatest love for life be your love for hope, and let your highest hope be your highest thought of life.”
11) “Do whatever you want, but first be those who can will.”
12) “In order for a person to be himself, he must have an idea, even the most indirect, of what he is.”

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