Online piracy is a situation that practice of using the internet to illegally copy and pass information on to other people. There is no doubt that online piracy is currently becoming much more widespread. Whereas some people prefer to use online piracy rather than use original works, some people choose to buy original products.
There are arguments for and against the morality of digital piracy. This essay will explain how digital piracy might be considered to be ethical, and the ways in which it should be considered to be unethical.   

One of the main arguments for online piracy is that it is not available to access for many people. Joe Lee argues that due to government restrictions and being expensive, lots of people who live in remote countries cannot purchase originals even if they have enough money. Those who are for the using online piracy claims that the products are not losing their price, that is just a method of creating a copy of a product. Anonymous (Why I’d rather steal than buy from corporations) argues that there is no loss on the average programmer. An additional argument of online piracy is that free downloading helps to exposure themselves. Marley Karrsen claims that free downloading is an opportunity to show their works. Moreover, there is a significant impact on the development of files sharing by the helping of internet piracy. 
On the other hand, one of the main drawbacks of online piracy that it is morally incorrect. That is to say, being social norm doesn’t mean that it is correct to steal it. Yannos Stavros argues that lots of argument idea seem to be rationalizations that give people the right to get lots of ‘free stuff’. An additional drawback is to deserve money for their intellectual property to their effort. It is obvious that not all musical artists are rich. That’s why online piracy means stealing their products or money of artist. 
 Taking everything into account, there is no absolute answer to the question whether online piracy is wrong or not. While some people are in favour of using piracy, some people are opposed. In other words, it has positive sides while it has negative sides. But, I am convinced that the preference of piracy is not ethically correct. It is my belief that there is no difference between stealing and piracy. On the whole, I think that it should be reduced in order to prevent stealing something from people.

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