The Poll That Elon Musk Shared On Twitter About The Shape Of The World And The Goygoy That Started With It

Elon Musk, who often makes interesting posts on Twitter, rekindled an important discussion with the survey he shared this time. Tens of thousands of responses came in 7-8 hours to Musk’s three-choice survey on the shape of the world.



◆ Flat
◆ It’s a hole
◆ It is flat and perforated.
What makes the tweet so popular is the way it is asked and the absence of a ’round’ answer among the choices. On this occasion, Elon Musk started a great goygo. 🙂
Here are a few of the responses users gave to Musk:

If the earth is not flat, why do cars look like this and not like this!

When you’re Elon Musk…

What you see vs what you believe…

Google answers:

A hollow donut!

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