Netflix Turkish Movies: The 40 Highest IMDb Score Turkish Movies on Netflix

Attention Please!

Attention Please!

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Netflix Turkish movies are one of the most popular content of recent times. With the success of Turkish cinema in recent years and the development of broadcasting technologies, it has become a pleasant experience to watch productions in this field.
netflix turkish movies
Netflix is making great efforts to bring the best Turkish movies released to the audience as soon as possible. Netflix, which almost does not miss a movie in this regard, has become a rich platform for Turkish movies . That being the case, we have listed the best Netflix Turkish movies you can watch on Netflix according to their IMDb scores. Enjoy watching!

1. Mountain II (2016) | IMDb: 8.9

Genre : Action, Drama, War
In this production, which has the highest IMDb score among Netflix Turkish movies, two friends, Oğuz and Bekir, manage to escape in the hands of terrorists and 6 years later, Special Forces 8th Special Forces 8 due to a special mission. They join the Combat Search and Rescue Team. Special mission is to rescue journalist Ceyda Balaban, who was kidnapped by terrorists in Northern Iraq. But this time their enemies are not the same as before. In this challenging geography where human life is disregarded, there are more than one conflicting forces.
Cast : Cağlar Ertuğrul, Ufuk Bayraktar, Ahu Türkpençe
IMDb : 8.9 Rotten Tomatoes : 75% Google : 95%

2. Ayla (2017) | IMDb: 8.5

Type : Biography, Drama, History
The blockbuster movie Ayla tells a true and dramatic story that took place during the Korean War. Turkish soldier Süleyman Sergeant, who took part in the war in 1950, finds a little girl on the battlefield. This Korean girl, who is 5 years old, is orphaned. He is homeless and does not know where to go. Süleyman Petty Officer takes this little girl with him and gives her the name Ayla. These two soon become like father and daughter. A very difficult separation awaits them.
Cast : Cetin Tekindor, Ismail Hacioglu, Kyung-jin Lee
IMDb : 8.5 Rotten Tomatoes : 90% Google : 97%

3. Champion For Us (2018) | IMDb: 8.4

Genre : Biography, Drama, Romance
In the movie that brings the story of Bold Pilot, the legendary race horse of the 90s, to the big screen, Bold Pilot, owned by Özdemir Atman, the successful name of Turkish equestrianism, is a horse that has managed to win the love of even people who are not related to horse racing. Bold Pilot and his indispensable jockey Halis Karataş achieved legendary successes together. This legendary duo’s record of 2:26:22 in the 1996 Gazi Race has still not been surpassed. Another success of Bold Pilot is that Halis Karataş and Begüm Atman came together.
Cast : Ekin Koç, Farah Zeynep Abdullah, Fikret Kuskan
IMDb : 8.4 Google : 96%

4. Thug (1996) | IMDb: 8.3

Type : Crime, Drama, Thriller
Eşkiya, one of the unforgettable productions of Turkish cinema, is now with us again among Turkish Netflix movies. The film tells the story of a man who goes after his friend who put him in jail. Exactly 35 years ago, a group of bandits were caught and thrown in on the Cudi mountain of Silopi. Over the years, some of these brigands die from illness, some as a result of reckoning. But except one! When he gets out of prison after 35 years, Baran’s first job is to return to his village. He learns what the person he calls his best friend has caused in his life. He takes the road to Istanbul for a big showdown. Written and directed by Yavuz Turgul, Eşkıya is one of the oldest Netflix Turkish movies.
Cast : Şener Şen, Uğur Yücel, Sermin Hürmeric
IMDb : 8.3 Google : 93%

5. Miracle in Ward 7 (2019) | IMDb: 8.3

Type : Drama
The movie Miracle in Ward 7 is about a father’s search for justice, who has the same mental age as his 7-year-old daughter. In 1983, a girl is found dead in a town in the Aegean. The dead girl is the daughter of the martial law commander. It is thought that Memo, who lives with his grandmother and has a 7-year-old daughter, is responsible for this death. No matter how much Memo says he is innocent, no one will believe him. After its release on Netflix, the film topped the list of most-watched in the US and France.
Cast : Aras Bulut Iynemli, Nisa Sofia Aksongur, Deniz Baysal
IMDb : 8.3 Google : 96%

6. My Father and My Son (2005) | IMDb: 8.3

Genre : Family, Drama
Again, in the movie My Father and My Son, one of the classics of Turkish cinema, we witness one of the lives destroyed by the September 12 coup. Little Deniz, who was born and raised in this period. He lost his mother at birth, and his father, a newspaper writer, raised him modestly. His father takes Sadık Deniz to his grandfather, whom he has never seen before. Family members have difficulty in understanding the reason for Sadik’s return, who reached the village he left with his father years ago. While everything is in the process of getting settled, there is a drama to wait.
Cast : Cetin Tekindor, Fikret Kuskan, Humeyra
IMDb : 8.3 Rotten Tomatoes : 97% Google : 94%

7. Everything Will Be Fine (1998) | IMDb: 8.1

Type : Comedy, Drama
In the production where we see Cem Yılmaz for the first time on the big screen, Mazhar Alanson accompanies him. Nuri, who is older than the duo, who plays a brother and sister with problems, encounters his brother Altan, whom he has not seen for years, during a fight that he is meaninglessly involved in. This is coincidence; After all these years apart, it has been a big surprise for these two brothers. The brothers, who have two diametrically opposite characters, encounter some problems as a result of a coincidence and set off towards the south.
Cast : Cem Yilmaz, Mazhar Alanson, Ceyda Düvenci
IMDb : 8.1 Rotten Tomatoes : 88% Google : 90%

8. My Grandfather’s People (2011) | IMDb: 8.0

Genre : Comedy, Family, Drama
In Dedemin People, one of the successful Çağan Irmak movies, Ozan is a 10-year-old boy living with his big family in a cute little Aegean city. His family origins from the Greek island of Crete. Mehmet Bey, the grandfather of Ozan, was a Cretan immigrant who had to immigrate to Turkey with the population exchange at that time. For this reason, in the neighborhood they live in, their friends call Ozan “gavur”. His grandfather Mehmet Bey will tell important things to Ozan who has an identity conflict.
Cast : Cetin Tekindor, Yiğit Özşener, Gökçe Bahadır
IMDb : 8.0 Google : 96%

9. Breath: Thanks to the Homeland (2009) | IMDb: 8.0

Genre : Action, Drama, Thriller
Nefes: Thanks to the Vatan, the film tells the story of a captain and 40 soldiers under his command, who are assigned to guard the relay station on Karabal Hill, in a commando brigade in a town in southeastern Turkey, close to the Iraqi border. Difficult struggles await the soldiers, who try to perform their duties in difficult conditions, both psychologically and physiologically. The film is adapted from Hakan Evrensel’s book, Stories from the Southeast.
Players : Mete Horozoğlu, İlker Kızmaz, Barış Bağcı
IMDb : 8.0 Google : 92%

10. GORA (2004) | IMDb: 8.0

Genre : Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Arif makes his living as a cunning tradesman by making carpets and doing illegal things like fake works of art. The people around him know him as a light cheater. Arif embarks on an unimaginable journey by foreign and interesting-looking customers who come to his shop on an ordinary day.
Cast : Cem Yilmaz, Ozge Ozberk, Ozan Guven
IMDb : 8.0 Rotten Tomatoes : 77% Google : 92%

11. Vizontele (2001) | IMDb: 8.0

Type : Comedy, Drama
Vizontele , one of the productions that impresses with its rich cast, is about what happens in a town whose biggest entertainment is a summer cinema. The crazy person of the town, Emin, is a favorite of the majority who tries to help the people in the town in every way. In the period when television was just beginning to spread in Anatolia, the townspeople were about to meet the greatest invention of that age. When television comes to town, it will actually bring a lot of things with it.
Cast : Yılmaz Erdoğan, Demet Akbağ, Altan Erkekli
IMDb : 8.0 Rotten Tomatoes : 88% Google : 94%

12. I Have Objection (2014) | IMDb: 7.9

Genre : Action, Crime, Drama
Selman Bulut, a former boxer who was once involved with anthropology, is a different imam working in a mosque in his new life. One day, while leading the congregation in prayer, the mosque echoes with the sound of gunfire. One of the people inside falls and dies. Police teams arriving at the crime scene begin to collect evidence and investigate. After this incident, Selman Bulut tries to figure out who committed the murder. Things start to become more and more mysterious.
Cast : Serkan Keskin, Umut Kurt, Mustafa Kırantepe
IMDb : 7.9 Google : 90%

13. Muslim (2018) | IMDb: 7.8

Genre : Biography, Drama, Music
Müslüm is about the life of Müslüm Gürses, one of the valuable names of our country. The production in the genre of biography tells about the ups and downs in the life of the legendary name. In the movie, in which Timuçin Esen plays Müslüm Gürses, Zerrin Tekindor gives life to Reverend Nur and Turgut Tunçalp gives life to Müslüm Gürses’ father. If you want to watch the movie, which has a successful performance at the box office, you can take a look at the Netflix Turkish movies tab .
Cast : Timuçin Esen, Zerrin Tekindor, Ayça Bingöl
IMDb : 7.8 Google : 95%

14. The Butterfly’s Dream (2013) | IMDb: 7.8

Type : Biography, Drama, History
The life of two young poets, Rüştü Onur and Muzaffer Tayyip Uslu, living in Zonguldak, in this mining city, which has transitioned to modern life, is told in the movie Butterfly Dream , a BKM production. The two who are civil servants, on the other hand, lead a life intertwined with literature and especially poetry. Rüştü’s and Muzaffer’s belief in poetry increases with the return of the mayor’s daughter, Suzan, to Zonguldak. On the one hand, tuberculosis, the great epidemic of the 1940s, threatens their lives.
Cast : Kivanc Tatlitug, Mert Firat, Belcim Bilgin
IMDb : 7.8 Rotten Tomatoes : 88% Google : 91%

15. Between the Family (2017) | IMDb: 7.8

Type : Comedy
Among the Family , Fikret and Solmaz, who ended their 21-year relationship with their life partners on the same day, talk about the events that developed when they met as a result of an extraordinary coincidence. Solmaz’s daughter Zeynep decides to marry her boyfriend, who is from Adana. Fikret and Solmaz, who seem to live completely opposite lives, suddenly find themselves on an irreversible adventure.
Cast : Engin Günaydın, Demet Evgar, Erdal Özyağcılar
IMDb : 7.8 Google : 93%

16. Bully (2007) | IMDb: 7.8

Genre : Action, Crime, Drama
The bully Ali Osman, who has years of experience, stands at a different point with his own ethical framework. Ali Osman, who has a great place in the dark community, suddenly begins to take an attitude to stand by the oppressed. Devran, on the other hand, has a youthful enthusiasm and intends to stand in front of Ali Osman. Devran’s aim is to gain a strong place in this community with his rowdy attitudes. This community, which has come face to face with opposing forces, is now on the brink of a new war.
Cast : Şener Şen, Kenan İmirzalıoğlu, İsmail Hacıoğlu
IMDb : 7.8 Google : 93%

17. Mortal World (2018) | IMDb: 7.7

Genre : Action, Comedy
The Marble Family, which has been operating Anadolu Tat Restaurant, which was established in 1071, for centuries, is a large family of 8 people. This family, which seems to have a normal life in their own right, lives a very extraordinary life. The Marble family is engaged in the business of assassination, which is handed down from generation to generation and is actually their father’s profession. And they work for an organization that has a worldwide impact. One day they break the rules. As a result, identities emerge. Now their only purpose is to prepare an escape plan to survive and set off.
Cast : Ahmet Mumtaz Taylan, Alper Kul, Sarp Apak
IMDb : 7.7 Google : 90%

18. Miracle (2015) | IMDb: 7.6

Genre : Drama, Comedy
Miracle , which tells about the poverty and poverty of Turkey in the 1960s, also deals with the years of the coup and its effects. Mahsun Kırmızıgül is the screenwriter of the film, which tells the story of a teacher who is exiled from an idyllic corner of the Aegean coast to a remote village in Anatolia and children waiting to read in poverty.
Cast : Ali Sürmeli, Mahsun Kırmızıgül, Talat Bulut
IMDb : 7.6 Rotten Tomatoes : 63% Google : 94%

19. The Losers Club (2011) | IMDb: 7.6

Genre : Drama, Comedy
Kaan is the owner of a publishing house that publishes independent books. Mete, on the other hand, has a bar and a solid record collection in Kadıköy. These two buddies are making a radio show in the 90’s as if they were chatting with each other and there was no news that no one was listening to them. This program is starting to make an impact. A value that gathers excluded and different segments of society under the same roof begins to emerge: the ‘Losers Club’.
Cast : Nejat İşler, Yiğit Özşener, Ahu Türkpençe
IMDb : 7.6 Google : 87%

20. Whisper If I Forget (2014) | IMDb: 7.5

Genre : Drama, Music, Romance
Hanife is a young girl who has just graduated from health vocational high school and started her career with her sister Hatice in the health center of the conservative town where they live. Hanife is a shy and introverted person, while her sister, on the contrary, has a mischievous, contradictory and maverick personality. Hanife, who is related to literature, has a poetry notebook that she does not show to anyone. One day, Tarık, the handsome son of the district governor, who has just started his job in the town, comes to town. The two sisters’ lives will never be the same.
Cast : Farah Zeynep Abdullah, Mehmet Günsür, Kerem Bürsin
IMDb : 7.5 Google : 95%

21. Why Was Hacivat Karagöz Killed? (2006) | IMDb: 7.5

Genre : Drama, Comedy, History
Karagöz and Hacivat is a successful production enriched with lines that make you laugh and make you think. Location Bursa and film 14. century passes. The Mongolian threat in Anatolia continues and most of the people are on the run. Both the people and the leaders of various states took refuge in this city. People with different religions, languages and cultures try to live together here. On the one hand, this situation started to create chaos. Karagöz meets Hacivat. The humorous conversation of the two is quickly noticed. But the price of fame will be heavy.
Cast : Haluk Bilginer, Sebnem Donmez, Beyazit Ozturk
IMDb : 7.5 Rotten Tomatoes : 80% Google : 88%

22. Tell Me Tales (2006) | IMDb: 7.5

Genre : Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Rıza, the main character of the movie Tell Me Tales , is a good-hearted, shy young man who has spent his life in Suriçi and is a minibus driver, and is loved by the neighborhood he lives in. However, after meeting Ayperi, she decides to reconsider everything she said was true until this time. Because Ayperi is like a princess from fairy tales.
Cast : Hande Doğandemir, Fatih Artman, Cengiz Bozkurt
IMDb : 7.5 Google : 91%

23. Butterflies (2018) | IMDb: 7.5

Genre : Drama, Comedy
The lives of the three siblings have moved in completely different directions since the day they left home. Almost 30 years have passed and their father wants to bring them together. He invites all three of them back to their father’s house in Hasanlar Village. Three brothers embark on a journey they cannot understand. When they reach the village, they hear that their father is dead. Their father wrote that one of the peculiarities of the village, the butterflies, wanted to be buried at the time of their arrival. During their stay in the village, they reconsider their own lives and each other.
Cast : Tolga Tekin, Bartu Küçükçağlayan, Tuğçe Altug
IMDb : 7.5 Rotten Tomatoes : 100% Google : 83%

24. Lemonade (2015) | IMDb: 7.5

Genre : Drama, Comedy
Suat, who lives in Macedonia and earned his living as a truck driver in the past, falls into bed with a difficult and deadly disease. Suat calls his own son Sakip over to him. He tells her his only wish before he dies. Suat had a wife with an imam marriage years ago, and a child was born from this union. However, since Suat abandoned his child when he was very young, he never had the opportunity to see him. Her only wish is to find her second child, Selim, and ask for her blessings. Sakip sets out to go to Istanbul to find his brother.
Cast : Ertan Saban, Serkan Keskin, Funda Eryiğit
IMDb : 7.5 Google : 89%

25. Yahşi Batı (2009) | IMDb: 7.4

Genre : Comedy, Western
Aziz Bey and Lemi Bey as officials of the Ottoman Empire in the 19th century. They are sent to America by the Ottoman Sultan for a special mission in the XVII century. During the journey, they lose the precious diamond they have to the train bandits. They look for ways to earn money in order to find the diamond again and recover the stolen money. They decide to go headlong hunting after notorious criminals, which is one of the most popular ways to make money. Adventures full of fun and laughter await them.
Cast : Cem Yilmaz, Ozan Guven, Zafer Algöz
IMDb : 7.4 Rotten Tomatoes : 59% Google : 92%

26. Remember Us (2018) | IMDb: 7.4

Type : Drama
Kaan is a hardworking, successful man. Kaan, who gave years to his career and finally managed to reach the point he wanted, lives a life with his wife and two children. In this monotony, he neglected his father, Eşref, who lived in the coastal city. But this situation begins to change as a result of his father’s comfort. The discomfort forces father Eşref to come to Istanbul with his son Kaan. Father and son, separated for years, now need to get closer
Cast : Altan Erkekli, Tolga Tekin, Özge Özberk
IMDb : 7.4 Google : 94%

27. Iftar Soda (2016) | IMDb: 7.4

Genre : Drama, Comedy
Living with his family in a peaceful Aegean town in Turkey in the 70s, Adem is an intelligent student. Adem, who will start the 6th grade, tells his family that he wants to work with Gazozcu Cibar Kemal Usta in order to evaluate the summer vacation. No matter how hard this job is, he manages to get permission from his family and the soda apprentice starts to work. It is the first days of Ramadan and Adam wants to fast. Since his family is small, he does not want him to fast, but Adem begins to fast in secret from his family. In the heat of the Aegean, it will not be easy while selling soda on those hot beaches. These difficulties that Adem goes through drag him into an adventure.
Cast : Cem Yilmaz, Berat Efe Parlar, Adam Bay
IMDb : 7.4 Google : 94%

28. Hunting Season (2010) | IMDb: 7.4

Genre : Crime, Drama, Mystery
A good cop, Ferman, with years of experience and strong intuition, is a minor legend in the entire police force. The members of the organization refer to Ferman as “Hunter” among themselves. Another character of the organization is Deli İdris. There is almost a father-son relationship between these successful duo. A murder will expose them to a number of mysterious people.
Cast : Şener Şen, Cem Yılmaz, Çetin Tekindor
IMDb : 7.4 Rotten Tomatoes : 65% Google : 94%

29. Only You (2014) | IMDb: 7.4

Genre : Action, Drama, Romance
In the movie Only You , Ali, who is in a difficult period of his life, meets Hazal, who is living a quiet life while thinking about how to deal with difficulties. Hazal will bring great excitement to Ali’s world and fall in love with him. But over time, Ali learns something about Hazal and it is somehow related to the mistakes in his own past.
Cast : Belçim Bilgin, İbrahim Çelikkol, Kerem Can
IMDb : 7.4 Google : 95%

30. Juggler (2006) | IMDb: 7.4

Type : Comedy, Drama
Iskender, the main character of the movie Juggler , is a young man who has been interested in magic, illusion and magic since his childhood, but could not keep the stitches of his life after he grew up. He persistently claims to be a magician, but no one admits it except his best friend and only friend on the journey, Maradona. On top of that, Alexander’s father, Sait, is ashamed of his son’s choices. This trio organize a tour and set off. This journey will teach them a lot.
Cast : Cem Yilmaz, Mazhar Alanson, Ozlem Tekin
IMDb : 7.4 Rotten Tomatoes : 74% Google : 91%

31st Division (2017) | IMDb: 7.3

Genre : Drama, Military
In the film, which tells the story of soldiers whose lives intersect in a barracks, many young men from different backgrounds are together in a company. It is very difficult to get used to the difficulties of the military quarry. On the other hand, they all have dreams, goals, ambitions. These young men will learn a lot in the military, they will have to face themselves.
Cast : Kaan Yıldırım, Hakan Kurtaş, Alina Boz
IMDb : 7.4

32. AROG (2008) | IMDb: 7.3

Genre : Comedy, Fantasy
AROG , a sequel to GORA , one of the best examples of Turkish-style space movie comedy, is one of Cem Yılmaz’s iconic productions. In the movie, Arif and Commander Logar come face to face again. Arif, sent by Commander Logar ages ago, is a guest of primitive civilizations on the one hand, while on the other hand, he is looking for ways to return to his own time and his wife.
Cast : Cem Yilmaz, Ozan Guven, Zafer Algöz
IMDb : 7.3 Rotten Tomatoes : 50% Google : 94%

33. Çanakkale End of the Road (2013) | IMDb: 7.3

Type : Action, Drama, History
Despite fighting for months in Çanakkale, one of the most difficult fronts of World War I in 1915, the enemies could not get any results. Anzac forces were defeated at Anzac Cove. The support unit belonging to the society called Hilal-i Ahmer, where Muhsin and Hasan brothers are together, finally reaches the front after a difficult journey. When they least expect it, they encounter the harsh and cruel face of war.
Cast : Gürkan Uygun, Berrak Tuzunatac, Umut Kurt
IMDb : 7.3 Google : 94%

34. Farewell (2010) | IMDb: 7.2

Type : Biography, Drama, History
Veda, one of the Mustafa Kemal films whose popularity increased in the 2000s, was brought to the silver screen this time by Zülfü Livaneli. The film is about the friendship of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and Salih Bozok, starting from Thessaloniki and extending to the republic, and Atatürk’s life.
Cast : Serhat Mustafa Kilic, Dolunay Soysert, Burhan Guven
IMDb : 7.2 Google : 94%

35. Construction (2003) | IMDb: 7.2

Type : Comedy, Crime, Drama
Ali and Sudi come from a difficult life and work in construction to earn money. But this construction belongs to Nizamettin, the driver of a notorious and criminal mafia leader. Although these two do not want to, they have to bury a dead man in the back area of the construction site. But this will never be the first and last embedding. Our duo, who are up to their necks in this business, will seek their own salvation.
Cast : Emre Kinay, Sevket Coruh, Suna Pekuysal
IMDb : 7.2 Rotten Tomatoes : 77% Google : 87%

36. A Small September Issue (2014) | IMDb: 7.2

Genre : Drama, Mystery, Romance
While everything is fine in the life of a young woman named Eylül, she experiences short-term memory loss after a sad event and forgets the last month of her life. Although everyone around her, especially her family, tells her that she has no problems, Eylül understands that something is going on. His instincts guide him towards Bozcaada and there he encounters a mysterious man.
Cast : Engin Akyürek, Farah Zeynep Abdullah, Ceren Moray
IMDb : 7.2 Google : 96%

37. Arif V 216 (2018) | IMDb: 7.2

Genre : Comedy, Science Fiction
Robot 216 we know from GORA has always dreamed of being human. Somehow, he manages to reach his beloved friend Arif, from space to earth. Although he tries to lead an ordinary life like all of us, this difference of his does not go unnoticed by people. A series of adventures await Arif and 216.
Cast : Cem Yilmaz, Ozan Guven, Ozkan Ugur
IMDb : 7.2 Rotten Tomatoes : 64% Google : 88%

38. International (2006) | IMDb: 7.2

Type : Comedy, Drama
It is about the events that happened to a group of local musicians in Adıyaman in 1982. The martial law commander of the period tries to establish a modern orchestra from these musicians, who were a local band at that time. Council members will come to visit the city, the orchestra is asked to give a welcome concert. However, the concert does not go as expected. Özgü Namal and Umut Kurt share the lead roles in the film directed by Sırrı Süreyya Önder and Muharrem Gülmez.
Cast : Cezmi Baskin, Ozgu Namal, Umut Kurt
IMDb : 7.2 Rotten Tomatoes : 83% Google : 83%

39. Aykut Uncle (2019) | IMDb: 7.1

Genre : Comedy, Family
Cem Gelinoğlu’s “brother-in-law” character, which attracted attention on social media, was moved to the cinema under the name Aykut Enişte . Overwhelmed by his loneliness and wanting to be a family, Aykut gets closer to realizing his dreams with Nurhan. Just one week before the wedding, a thief enters Aykut’s shop. Aykut, who lost all his savings and money, gets into a series of troubles other than the money he lost.
Cast : Cem Gelinoglu, Melis Babadag, Aegean Origin
IMDb : 7.1 Google : 94%

40. Are we OK? (2013) | IMDb: 7.1

Type : Drama
İhsan, who has a difficult life with his physically disabled mother, is a young man who is getting bored with this life in which he is stuck. He has dreams like every young man. It is breaking away from life. The young woman named July, on the other hand, is a sculptor who leaves her home to progress step by step towards her dreams and tries to get her life back on track. The paths of July and İhsan, whose life is turned upside down in an instant, intersect during the difficult years of their lives, and this may be a new opportunity for them.
Cast : Aras Bulut Iynemli, Deniz Celiloglu, Asli Enver
IMDb : 7.1 Google : 93%

41. Murder Ornament (2019) | IMDb: 6.9

Type : Comedy
Murder Ornament tells the comedy-filled adventure of the homicide squad as they strive to solve an unexplained serial killer case. Our team consists of Inspector Emin and Inspector Salih, together with Inspector Asuman and Deputy Inspector Alaattin. This is a strange case that has never been seen before. Our team, which investigates the endless murders one by one, cannot find any evidence. The murders are increasing. The press and the public maintain their pressure. Emin and his team are ready to try anything to solve this strange serial murder case.
Cast : Uğur Yücel, Binnur Kaya, Cengiz Bozkurt
IMDb : 6.9 Google : 78%

42. Delibal (2015) | IMDb: 6.8

Type : Romance, Drama
In the film, which deals with the passionate love between Füsun and Barış, who are students at the same university, Barış is an architecture student and a musician at the same time. Füsun, on the other hand, is a young girl who wants to graduate from university with a degree and pursue a master’s degree abroad. Barış is very impressed by Füsun and falls in love. With his handsomeness, intelligence and enthusiasm for living life, Füsun also falls in love with him and they get married. Everything is going very well until Barış, who has bipolar disorder, comes to the point of damaging their relationship. This fairy tale they live in will be spoiled.
Cast : Çağatay Ulusoy, Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu, Hüseyin Avni Danyal
IMDb : 6.8 Google : 95%

43. Cicero (2019) | IMDb: 6.6

Type : Action, Crime, Drama
History II. We are watching the life story of a spy named Cicero, Elyasa Bazna, in Nazi Germany, before World War II. This spy living in Turkey works at the British Embassy. He sells the information he gained from here to Nazi Germany. II. Cicero, who changed the course of World War II, falls in love with a German woman. He tries to protect her son with Down Syndrome from Nazi Germany. The movie with plenty of action will host you in the dusty pages of history.
Cast : Erdal Beşikçioğlu, Burcu Biricik, Ertan Saban
IMDb : 6.6 Google : 93%

44th Government Women (2013) | IMDb: 6.5

Type : Comedy
Xate, who took over the mayorship of Mardin Midyat after his wife died, does his best to solve the biggest problem, the water problem. He teaches girls in the village. Together with a few young people who work to bring water with him, they bring water to the village despite all kinds of difficulties. As a woman mayor, the pressure is much greater.
Cast : Demet Akbağ, Ercan Kesal, Bulent Colak
IMDb : 6.5 Google : 92%

45. Caricature Movies: In 2 (2019) | IMDb: 6.4

Type : Comedy
Karakomik Films, directed by Cem Yılmaz and starring at the same time, is a comedy film with the concept of two films in one. The film consists of two separate parts, 2 Arada and Kaçamak. While watching the holiday adventures of 4 friends in the movie Kaçamak, we are watching the life of a man named Ayzek in the movie 2 Arada.
Cast : Cem Yilmaz, Zafer Algöz, Ozan Guven
IMDb : 6.4 Google : 56%

46. Turkish Ice Cream (2019) | IMDb: 6.4

Genre : Drama, History, War
Two Turks living in Australia receive the news that the Dardanelles War has broken out. They want to return to Ottoman lands and fight for their homeland. However, both of them are not in good financial condition. Whatever they do, they collect the money. But they are not allowed to leave Australia, to fight against Australia in war. Unable to return to their countries and fight at the front, these two Turks do their best to harm the enemy army in Australia.
Cast : Ali Atay, Erkan Kolçak Köstendil, Sebnem Bozoklu
IMDb : 6.4 Google : 94%

47. Organized Works Carp Spiral (2019) | IMDb: 6.0

Type : Comedy
Organized Jobs Carp Sarmali portrays the adventures of Asım Noyan and his gang, who have been defrauding everyone with their ongoing lies for years. Asım Noyan and his gang get involved with a swindler nicknamed ‘carp helix’, which everyone is trying to catch but still hasn’t been caught. When Nazli is defrauded, Asım Noyan and his gang take action. Nazli wants to discourage her father from organized business, but the situation turns to the contrary and she finds herself in a carp spiral.
Cast : Yilmaz Erdogan, Kivanc Tatlitug, Ezgi Mola
IMDb : 6.0 Google : 84%

48. Republic of Cologne (2017) | IMDb: 5.9

Type : Comedy
The aliens who land in Cologne are given a welcome welcome by the earthlings. However, during this beautiful celebration, the space shuttle is damaged. The aliens have to stay with the people of Cologne for a while. Things start right at this point. An adventure full of laughter has begun. America, which learns that aliens have landed on Earth, will not remain indifferent to this event. He declares war on this town with a population of five thousand.
Cast : Çağlar Çorumlu, Uğur Bilgin, Büşra Pekin
IMDb : 5.9 Google : 90%

49. Single Ticket To Tomorrow (2020) | IMDb: 5.7

Type : Comedy, Romance
Netflix’s new movie, Single Ticket to Tomorrow, tells the story of two people who leave Ankara and meet on a train heading towards Izmir. These two passengers, who have never known each other before, are fundamentally opposite characters. Although this contrast causes serious friction at first, they start to feel more positive as they become sincere. In fact, an attraction begins to form between them. Perhaps the most common aspect of the two is that they want to turn a new page in their lives. As they spend time together, they begin to face some realities in their own lives.
Cast : Metin Akdülger, Dilan Cicek Deniz, Tevfik Kartal
IMDb : 5.7 Google : –

50. War of the Elti (2020) | IMDb: 5.7

Genre : Comedy, Family
Gizem and Fatih are a newly married couple. The opposite neighbors of the couple, who started to live in the family apartment, are Fatih’s brother Selim and his wife Sultan. Sultan is literally a bride suitable for the sweet rush of brides. He is jealous of Gizem and does his best to show that he is better. Gizem also attacks the Sultan and colorful images emerge. The fierce rivalry between the two brides will make you laugh.
Cast : Gupse Ozay, Merve Dizdar, Ferit Aktuğ, Uraz Kaygılaroğlu
IMDb : 5.7 Google : 91%

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