Dinosaur Species: The 20 Most Popular Dinosaur Species

It is thought that dinosaurs, which are supposed to have lived in the Mesozoic era, existed about 250 million years ago. Dinosaur species are closing the era with birds long after their emergence. Birds are known as the last species of extinct dinosaurs. Although there is no evidence of dinosaur extinction yet, it is possible to have a lot of information about dinosaurs today. We have compiled for you the 20 most popular dinosaur species included in movies, TV series, pictures, animation productions and more. Let’s take a closer look at our list of dinosaur species together.

1) Sauropod

dinozor türleri Sauropod

Sauropod, one of the best-known names among dinosaur species, is a variety that reaches more than 30 meters in length. It evolved over time, reaching longer height, weight, and tail than before. Sauropod, an herbivorous creature, is referred to as the ‘tallest’.

2) Tyrannosaur


One of the best-known dinosaurs of the Jurassic Period is the Tyrannosaur. We can say that this species is the most deadly among them. Tyrannosaurs, one of the carnivorous species, hunted herbivorous dinosaurs for food. A species that knows no boundaries with its broad body and sharp teeth.

These dinosaurs, known as ‘T-Rex’, are considered to be in the same family as dinosaur groups with lizard hips.

3) Ceratopsian

dinozor türleri Ceratopsian

Ceratopsian has a different appearance compared to other dinosaurs. You can often see this dinosaur figure, which looks weirder next to giant dinosaurs.

Ceratopsian dinosaurs, whose bodies were often curved with horns and shorter, were about the size of an elephant or cattle that exist today.

4) Theropod


This species of tyrannosaur is considered as wild as it is. Although there are different evolution-based information circulating about theropods, it is a well-known fact; Theropods are among the most savage…

5) Raptor


Raptors, who lived in the so-called Mesozoic era, are associated with modern birds. They are among the scariest dinosaur species. The hands and brain of this species, which have curved claws, are larger than they should be. Therefore, they are even more capable of easily obtaining their prey.

6) Titanosaur


The period of the Titanosaurs living in the Jurassic period is referred to as the best period of the Sauropod species. At the end of the Jurassic period, the most abundant species on land is the Sauropod family.

Parts of sauropods are generally incomplete remains today.

7) Feathered Dinosaurs

Tüylü dinozorlar

It is now a known fact that evolution took place between dinosaurs and birds. At the same time, the existence of dinosaur-like birds has been proven by fossils. We can say that the existence of feathered dinosaurs, one of the important species, has thus become definite.

8) Ankylosaurus

dinozor türleri Ankylosaurus

Ankylosaurus is a dinosaur species that survived 65 million years ago. This breed, which is lazier than other dinosaurs, is mentally at a negative point. Often the most important factor in their survival is their physical structure.

Ankylosaurus consists of a pointed and rather strong bone attached to their spine. This is reason enough for them to hold on to life…

9) Hadrosaur


Known as the ‘duck-billed’ due to the appearance of its skull, Hadrosaur managed to survive as a community even shortly before the extinction of the species. Being herbivorous, these dinosaurs fed on plants near the ground with their hard beaks.

According to a different opinion, these dinosaurs can walk with two legs…

10) Pachycephalosaurus


Pachycephalosaurus evolved in what might be closest to the extinction of the dinosaurs. It is among the herbivorous dinosaurs. It is seen that the dinosaurs, which draw attention with their bone-headedness, comprehend and use these features over time.

11) Ornithomimidae


Ornithomimidae dinosaurs, which are often mistaken for their bird resemblance, may only remind you of the ostrich. This species, which has theropod dinosaur species, was bipedal and the fastest running dinosaur species in its period. A rare species that is both carnivorous and herbivorous.

12) Prosauropod

dinozor türleri Prosauropod

Fossils of the Prosauropod species known as herbivores are found on different continents. Some of these creatures, which have the ability to move with both two and four legs, are carnivorous.

13) Ornithopod


Ornithopodas, accustomed to roaming in herds, are described as ‘plant eaters’. These dinosaurs, which lived in the Mesozoic era, are known as the creatures that lived the longest.

This species, which is closely related to many of the studies, has been the subject of continuous studies. The reason for this is that it is among the first species whose remains and bones were integrated…

14) Terizinosaur


Terizinosaurs, one of the dinosaur species with feather-like plumage but not remotely related to birds, lived 70 million years ago. Although carnivorous species make up the majority of its family, this species is known as herbivorous. The feathers on the neck are a distinctive feature of the Terizinosaur dinosaurs…

15) Stegosaurus

dinozor türleri Stegosaurus

Stegosaurus, which lived in the period called Late Jurassic, is one of the species you come across as a figure. These dinosaurs, which are not foreign in appearance, have protrusions on their backs with their bones.

Fossil researchers form various interpretations about the bone structure of this herbivorous species. One of his most obvious thoughts is that the bone part of Stegosaurus has something to do with heat distribution…

16) Trodon


Trodon is among the most intelligent dinosaurs, according to research. It’s also the smallest dinosaur type discovered by researchers. Weighing around 50 kg, Trodon can make fast and powerful moves.

17) Utahraptor


Utahraptor, which is thought to be surrounded by feathers, is a predatory species similar to birds. It is also the largest bird of prey. This species, which lived in the Cretaceous period, evolved over time. Previously, other species similar to the Utahraptor species emerged.

18) Allosaurus


Allosaurus, a theropod species, lived in the Americas and Africa. It is also known as the Jurassic lion. It draws attention with its ability to walk on two legs. They are fed carnivores. They attract a lot of attention with their feeding style and size.

19) Echinodon

dinozor türleri Echinodon

Echinodon, which lived in the earliest times of the Cretaceous period, draws attention with its lizard tail. Although there are different sentences from many different languages about its structure, it is known that tooth anatomy is important. At the same time, its external structure and appearance are likened to a turtle.

20) Dicraeosaurus


This species, whose name is interesting, was also interesting enough to be added to the list. It means ‘forked lizard’. Dicraeosaurus lived in East Africa. It bears this name because of its forked appearance on its spine. The discovery of this plant-feeding species was made in 1907. Many dinosaur bones found in Tanzania in those years must have taken people by surprise.

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