Benjamin Franklin: America’s Founding Father

Benjamin Franklin was born on October 18, 1706. In addition to being known as the Founding Father of America, he is frequently mentioned with his inventions and scientific studies. Let’s take a look at the life of Benjamin Franklin, one of the people who wrote his name in history with golden letters:

Benjamin Franklin’s Life Story

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Benjamin Franklin was born in the 10th birthday of a candle and soap maker family. He is born as a child. Franklin, who has a total of 16 siblings, dropped out of school at the age of 10. He starts working at the printing house where a liberal newspaper is run by his older brother James. Benjamin Franklin, who started to be interested in literature here, also began to learn the printing profession. After improving himself, he established a printing house in 1730. In this printing house he begins to publish Poor Richard’s Almanac.

Franklin establishes an insurance company and increases the number of printing houses. In 1736, he started to make a name for himself in the history of America by establishing the first volunteer fire company. When everything is going well, he becomes interested in politics. He reflects on the problems and deficiencies in public affairs.

Benjamin Franklin, who started to deal with the agenda and public affairs, was elected to the Pennsylvania assembly in 1750 and began to express his thoughts in the assembly. The first thing he cares about in parliament is the big families that oppose the land tax. Franklin, who became famous for his printing houses, was also appointed as the general manager of the British American Post.


Apart from politics and broadcasting, one of the things Franklin was interested in was electricity. Benjamin Franklin pioneered a great development for the scientific world by discovering the positive and negative ends of electric charges. Starting to study more electricity, Franklin finds that lightning is an electrical phenomenon while flying a kite. Afterwards, Franklin, who did not give up even though two of his employees died due to electricity in one of the experiments he continued to do, uncovers the lightning rod.

Franklin, whose name began to be heard everywhere, takes on a completely different task in 1977. He begins to convey the complaints of the colonies living in North America to London. In 1765, however, William Grenville conveyed objections to the stamp official law. Receiving a letter filled with insults and humiliations written by Massachusetts Governor Hutchinson for the colonial people, Franklin publishes this letter. On top of that, the colonial people trust Franklin more and Franklin’s reputation increases.

American Declaration of Independence

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After being elected as a congressman to the American Congress, he collaborated with Thomas Jefferson and John Adams to prepare the Declaration of Independence in 1776. With the declaration approved on July 2, 1776 and declared on July 4, 1776, 13 colonies declared their independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. After the declaration of the American Declaration of Independence, July 4th is declared as Independence Day in the United States and is celebrated every year.

When the American War of Independence, which continued between 1775-1783, came to an end, Benjamin Franklin was chosen as one of the few diplomats who would continue the peace negotiations with England. Franklin, who worked for the signing of the peace treaty in England, returned to his country in 1785 after the two countries signed the peace treaty. When he returns to his country, he starts working at the Philadelphia Constitutional Convention.


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Benjamin Franklin died on April 17, 1790. His doctor, John Jones, explains that Franklin’s death was due to shortness of breath. In his will, which he left before his death, Franklin says that the thousand pounds he had saved in the cities of Boston and Philadelphia should be left for interest. These funds, which were left to interest according to his will, will not be touched for 200 years.



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