15 Quotes on Life and Humankind from Charles Darwin, Pioneer of Evolution

Emre Ülkem

Emre Ülkem

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Charles Robert Darwin, the first name that comes to mind when talking about evolution, left such an impact behind his work that he is known today not only by people who are experts in his field, but also by many people. The reason for this is actually very clear. We all wonder where we came from, who we are. While everyone was content to wonder, Darwin did much more than wonder.
Darwin conducted research that no one else had done before, and wrote masterpieces such as ” The Origin of Species” and “The Descent of Man” . Thus, he laid the foundations of evolutionary biology. By magnifying the light that Darwin shed on our past, we were able to learn more about ourselves and our environment.
Thinking that there is more we can learn from this valuable biologist and natural historian, I wanted to share his impressive words with you.

1) “Whatever happens, we have to accept that man carries the ancestry of his ancestors like a stamp.”

2) “Destroying a mistake is often as good as finding a new truth or truth, sometimes even better.”

3) “We’ve reached the pinnacle of our moral culture when we realize that we need to control our thoughts.”

4) “It’s not the smartest or the strongest that survive, but those who can adapt best to change.”

5) “In the long human (and animalistic) history, those who have learned to cooperate and communicate effectively have survived.”

6) “Ignorance often breeds trust, not knowledge; those who persistently claim that this or that problem cannot be solved by science are not those who know much, but those who know little.”

7) “We don’t like to consider the animals we make our slaves as our equals.”

8) “A scientific man should not have desires and passions, he should have a hard heart.”

9) “He who dares waste an hour of his time has not understood the value of life.”

10) “Science and art are like the wing of a bird. Societies that can use these two wings fly and become free. Those who cannot fly become chickens. The ‘chicken society’ does not even realize that its eggs are taken from behind while pecking a handful of food thrown in front of it.”

11) “Living is a feast. Although many are invited to this feast, few succeed in sitting at the table.”

12) “Those who are a little stupid tend to do things by custom or habit, and they are all the more happy if they are encouraged to do so.”

13) “It’s not the guilt that makes us blush, it’s the thought that others think we are or know that we are guilty.”

14) “Ignore, do not speak, do not answer. Silence destroys everyone.”

15) “A man’s friendship is one of the most important measures of his worth.”

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