10 Traits That Make Up A Virtuous Person According to Aristotle

Arzu Dokuzoğlu

Arzu Dokuzoğlu

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According to Aristotle, the ancient Greek philosopher, human is a being with a mind. What distinguishes the human species from other living things is that it has intelligence. Thanks to the human mind, he performs virtuous acts. According to Aristotle, virtue is man trying to find the middle way and avoiding extremes. There are some characteristics that Aristotle describes as human virtue and that, according to him, should be found in every human being.

1) Friendship

A bond based on mutual understanding and love is called a friend. According to Aristotle, friendship; It is a balancing act of greed and quarrelsomeness.

2) Control

The ability to balance and control the ups and downs in life is called control. According to Aristotle, control; balancing impulsiveness and indecision.

3) Integrity

Accurately reflecting what is happening and not hiding the truth is called honesty. According to Aristotle, honesty; Balancing babbling and tightness of mouth.

4) enthusiasm

The situation where the desire does not turn into ambition, and the person chooses an object, phenomenon or event as the focus is called enthusiasm. According to Aristotle, enthusiasm; It is a balancing act of greed and laziness.

5) Courage

The ability to cope with situations such as pain, fear, uncertainty, risk and threat is called courage. According to Aristotle, courage; It is a balancing act of cowardice and cowardice.

6) Sense of Humor

The ability to make people laugh is called a sense of humor. According to Aristotle, it is the balancing of sulking and mocking.

7) temperance

The balanced and controlled life of a person in his feelings, thoughts and behaviors is called proportionality. According to Aristotle, temperance; It’s a balancing act of selflessness and selfishness.

8) Sobriety

Being calm and measured is called sobriety. For Aristotle, moderation is the balancing of being oversensitive and being insensitive.

9) Generosity

Giving without sparing what you have is called generosity. According to Aristotle, generosity; It is a balancing act of stinginess and generosity.

10) Humility

Being humble towards people is called humility. According to Aristotle, humility; balancing insult and praise.

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