10 Personal Tips to Increase Wealth in Every Area of Your Life

Ezgi Diliçıkık

Ezgi Diliçıkık

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Wealth, abundance, abundance… It is a concept that we all want to have in every aspect of our lives, in every sense. So, what can we do, starting from within ourselves, in order to give more space to this concept in our lives, and even increase it?

1) Start with gratitude.

Always be grateful for what you already have. When you gain this habit, you will see many miracles happen.
Next, you must challenge yourself to produce. Generate more ideas for yourself than necessary so you can share your ideas with your community. It’s called “fruitfulness and abundance.” This concept means that you strengthen your society, country and business by producing more than you need for yourself. When you become incredibly productive and abundance begins to come into your life, the results will be quite astonishing.

2) Imagine.

Everything starts in your heart and mind. Every great achievement began in the mind of just one person. They dared to dream and believe that what they dreamed would come true. Ask yourself: What can you do? Think big.
Do you want to be a dreamer? Imagine possibilities for yourself, your family, and others. If you have a dream that you have abandoned to grow on its own, rekindle that dream. Light the fire. Life is too short to let your dreams slip through your hands.

3) Change your thought set.

Visionary people in the world of abundance; Visionless people live in a world of limits.
People with narrow vision have a fear-based mindset. For them, the result is either A or B. They never think they can get A or B together. Above all, safety is at the forefront for them before love and self-expression. They don’t give up their comfort zone for anything.
Visionaries know that with a little creativity, a desire to be extraordinary, and an open mind, they can have both an A and a B. If your life is “Both!” If you build with a mindset, you will see opportunities that you were once blinded to.

4) Build a reality.

You are creating your own reality right now. However, this reality can be a reality that you randomly create without even realizing it. Reality is subjective; If you realize that it’s something that can be built and you choose to believe it, then you can do something about your reality.
Write down the beliefs you have about yourself. On one side, list the things that empower you and move you forward. On the other hand, list the things that demotivate you, the things that weaken you, and the things that keep you from achieving your goal. You can look at this page and believe the things that empower you and choose to ignore the things that slow you down.

5) Stop making excuses.

Eliminating excuses is important, just as your future is important.
If you are only going to achieve the future you are working on, the effort you put into this future is very valuable, isn’t it? You probably don’t want to ruin your future. In fact, if there was a list of things that shouldn’t be destroyed, the item “future” would definitely be at the top of that list. Your decisions determine your destiny. Do you believe this? You have to believe it because it’s true.

6) Realize your potential.

Think of people you respect. Why do you admire them? Because they have realized potential.
The great thing about potential; it can be built on itself. As a potential develops, it creates new potentials. So after rolling the snowball, the rest will come by itself.
So today you have a choice. Do you keep thinking about your abilities when you’re at the top of a mountain? Or will you fidget a little and let yourself down and unlock your own potential by hitting the obstacles that come your way?

7) Attract opportunities.

Opportunities and success are not what you pursue, but what you attract.
If you can develop your skills, you will attract opportunities as you continue to refine your character, yourself, your health, and your relationships as a whole.

8) Decide to live your dreams.

Once you decide to live your dreams, the things that narrow your vision will disappear. You will open your eyes to a whole new world.
In fact, you will realize that there are many opportunities within your reach at all times. But your previous unconscious thought set prevented you from seeing these opportunities. The real change is the change in your own identity. This point is a point of no return. When this change happens, your whole world will change.

9) Never be satisfied.

Even after reaching a goal, you should not be satisfied. It is not important for you to reach the goal, but how high you climb by pushing yourself.
Does that make you ungrateful? No way. Because you are grateful for everything.

10) Embrace the endless possibilities that lie before you.

Discover the unique, endless possibilities within you. While trying to improve yourself, remember that the development you make contributes to the youth, vitality and beauty of your mind.

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