10 Experiences You Should Gain In Your 30s For A More Successful Business Life

The most important element that cannot be gained through education in business life is the experience gained by working in different positions in one or more sectors over the past years. But experience is not gained just by working. There are countless experiences to be had to achieve success, and these are of great importance for both personal and business life.

1) To better understand nature, people and ourselves: Social Responsibility

Social responsibility has the power to both change and transform those who enter it. Thanks to social responsibility projects, you see how small the world actually is. Over time, you realize that your perspective on events changes, your perspective expands and you can empathize.

2) Reverse Mentoring

Reverse mentoring can be defined as mentoring someone older than oneself. Young people are open-minded, they can adapt to future technologies instantly. The new generation, born into the latest technologies, can access information faster in this medium, as well as know better which information is more useful and where to find the desired information easily. Another benefit of reverse mentoring is that it brings people of different generations closer together. Reverse mentoring eliminates the definition of “us” and “them” and enables two-way communication. Reverse mentoring is a frequently used solution, especially for the promotion of the Y generation and the integration of the X generation into digital transformation… Definitely try it!

3) Start something you can inherit.

Being able to leave a legacy, to be remembered after death is one of the things idealistic people want most. Many successful people have left their mark on the world. Even when your physical existence ends, being able to leave something to the world, to humanity, to your family, to your grandchildren is something worth thinking about.

4) Doing business with your opponent is not that scary.

No matter what your competitors are competing for the same target audience, you need to work together and acknowledge their presence. Your competitors may approach problems from different perspectives than you do, depending on their age, gender, and views. It is not professional to belittle, despise or ignore them. Benefit from their ideas, perspectives and experiences.

5) Have a good time with employees at all levels of the company.

Communication is one of the few of our most important features that distinguishes us from all other beings and makes us superior. Communication is first and foremost a human need and experience.

Witnessing the perspectives, lives, approaches, attitudes and behaviors of people working in an institution, regardless of their authority and position, contains valuable experiences for your long-term goals within the company.

6) Strategy, not escape: Build a second career.

It’s exhausting to feel like you’re running out from time to time on a single career journey. Two careers are always better than one. It will also add to your primary business that you cannot imagine.
You can define where ideas interact while working on different jobs. You can exchange ideas interdisciplinary. When you follow your curiosities and passions, you will find many opportunities and it will satisfy you even more.

7) Try again something you failed before.

Failure is just a moment, a result! So it’s a temporary situation. It is not a way of life that cannot or will not change. If you want success, you must not be afraid of falling and be determined until the end.

Review whatever you thought of today as “failed”, despairing, saying “I gave up, I’m tired, I can’t do it”. Maybe that day didn’t happen, but why not today? Unleash your inner strength and self-belief to achieve it.

8) Professional support lets you see what you can’t see about yourself.

Concrete goals such as “I will be successful at this”, “I will be a manager at this company” require strategy, efficiency and more self-exploration. At this point, never hesitate to get professional support. Professional support may differ in relation to your work and yourself, such as life coaching, career coaching, executive coaching, training coaching.

Increasingly widespread all over the world, coaching continues to form the basis of important success stories day by day. Take professional support seriously to solve problems and adopt a growth-oriented lifestyle, both individually and in your career journey.

9) Share your knowledge on a subject you are good at with people.

If possible, put your knowledge in your area of expertise into the training form and share it with people. Teaching requires informational responsibility. Preparing for the training and having the experience of giving training allows you to see how in-depth you have in the relevant field, as well as making it easier to realize the areas you lack. It also gives you new skills in subjects such as information transfer, information flow, and education. These, in turn, enable you to make a direct difference in your business.

10) International Network creates valuable opportunities.

Considering that 70% of the business partnerships established every day are realized through Network, there is no need to discuss the importance of Network anymore. Your social circle is often a self-contained circle. But in the real world there is a huge interconnected network of small Networks. In order to enter this giant network, you should not be limited to your own business environment and country, but you should open up to the whole world.

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