Starbucks Coffee Sizes: The Interesting Story of Short, Tall, Grande, Venti Names

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Starbucks coffee sizes have names that coffee lovers are very familiar with. When ordering at Starbucks, the cashier will definitely ask what size we want. So how should we respond at this point? What are Starbucks coffee sizes? What does Starbucks Grande mean? What does Tall Grande Venti mean? What are the Starbucks sizes? What does venti boy mean? What are Starbucks sizes? What are Starbucks cup names like? We answered all these questions for you.

Starbucks Coffee Sizes: Short, Tall, Grande, Venti

Starbucks Coffee Sizes
Starbucks has 4 cup sizes. In other words, Starbucks drink sizes consist of 4 pieces. Starbucks boy names are as follows:
  • Short Boy (Smallest Size)
  • Tall Boy
  • Grande Size (Medium Size)
  • Venti Size (Large Size)

As the size of the coffee increases, of course, the price and quantity also increase. What does tallboy mean? What does grande boy mean? This is how we answered your questions about Starbucks coffee sizes.

Why Does Starbucks Always Spell Our Names Wrong on Coffee Cups?

Tall, Grande, Venti Which Language? Why Are Starbucks Cup Sizes Names Like That?

Tall, Grande, Venti

When ordering at Starbucks, we specify the desired cup size as Tall, Grande, Venti. But why don’t we use standard English words such as Small, Medium, Big while stating this. Have you ever thought about why? Or why don’t we say small, medium, large and say, “Can I have a grande americano?” we say. Of course there is a reason for this.
Before Starbucks was around, Starbucks founder Howard Schultz got into the coffee business with a small coffee chain called Il Giornale. Il Giornale, the ancestor of Starbucks and its name comes from Italian, sold three different sizes of coffee: Short, Tall and Grande. Venti was added to the menu much later. The reason for all this was connected to Howard Schultz’s trip to Italy in 1983.
On this trip, Howard Schultz is fascinated by coffee shops in Italy and the romance of the coffee experience there. Schultz, who founded Il Giornale and then Starbucks when he returned to his country, designs these shops like those in Italy and adopts a strategy of giving coffee cups “special names” that will differentiate it from other coffee shops and chains.
In other words, Schultz, who has made Starbucks a global brand, wants to create a different culture and provide an experience that offers more than a cup of coffee. That’s why he decides to use different cup sizes and give them various names to identify with. For this, he draws inspiration from Italy, which influenced him a lot. Marketing and the love of Italy come together and these concepts emerge out of nowhere. This is how Starbucks coffee sizes become what they are today.
Grande and Venti are ok but why are Starbucks Tall boy and Short boy on the menu in English? And when you say tall (tall) glasses for small size glasses?
In the 90s there were only three different glass sizes on the menu: Short, Tall and Grande. Short was the youngest; Tall was used for medium glasses and Grande was used for large glasses. But then Venti appeared! When Venti was added to the menu, Starbucks decided that four sizes was too much. And when Short was removed from the menus, Tall started to be used for small glasses.
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