Separation Films: Separation Is Also Included In Love

Movie lists usually appear under the heading “must see movies”. However, today’s list, contrary to the usual, is of a nature that will upset some of us. If there are people among us who recently broke up with their lover or have not forgotten them even after years of separation, we warn you in advance. Because the theme of our list today will be breakup movies!

Even though they contain sadness, heartbreak, pain, tears and unhappiness, separation films do not always affect the audience negatively. Who knows, these breakup movies you will watch, even if you are separated, will be instrumental in your search for “that” person you miss more and more every day, and you will come together again.

Let’s not take the word further and add salt and pepper to your separation pain and leave the decision to you. Will you choose to experience the pain of separation to the fullest and let your tears flood, or, as Attila İlhan said, will you adopt the understanding of “Separation is also included in love” and bury your pain in your heart?

Let’s take a look at 25 impressive movies on our breakup movies-themed list.

25) The Break-Up – The Breakup (2006) | IMDb: 5.8

The Break-Up Official Trailer #1 - Jennifer Aniston, Vince Vaughn Movie (2006) HD

Director: Peyton Reed

Cast: Jennifer Aniston, Vince Vaughn, Jon Favreau

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

The first film of our list of breakup movies is Separation, which is also suitable for the name of our list. Brooke Meyers feels that her longtime boyfriend, Gary Grobowski, is not mature enough. Besides, she thinks that her boyfriend constantly neglects her and does not respect her. As a result of all this, he makes a plan. This plan is to break up with her boyfriend so that he misses her. However, there is a small problem. Who will leave the house?

Neither Gary nor Brooke agree to leave the house. In fact, things get so big that there is literally a war atmosphere at home. When this is the case, the families of both parties take action to intervene in the event. The film reveals how a well-built, love-centered relationship can be damaged over time. He conveys this to the audience with sometimes painful and sometimes comedic elements.

24) Love – Love (2015) | IMDb: 6.1

Love | official trailer (2016) Netflix

Director: Gaspar Noé

Cast: Aomi Muyock, Karl Glusman, Klara Kristin

Genre: Drama, Romance

Murphy is a man who lives with his wife and 2-year-old child. One morning his phone rings. The person on the phone is Electra’s mother, with whom she once had a passionate love affair. The mother is quite fussy. He tells her that Electra has been missing for a while, afraid that something bad will happen to her. After receiving this news years later, Murphy suddenly realizes that he misses Electra very much. The two years she spent with him begin to come to life in her memories from moment to moment.

Love, the fourth feature film of Gaspar Noé, the outlier director of films such as No Return, Enter the Void, and Climax, is described by Gaspar Noé as an “erotic melodrama”. Gaspar Noé once again deals with concepts such as love, relationship, affection, betrayal and passion in his own language and takes the audience on an erotic journey. Sentences full of love, abusive fights, explosive sexual scenes and many other elements make the audience watch perhaps the most different love story in their lives.

23) The Lonely Man (2008) | IMDb: 6.7

Issız Adam - Fragman

Directed by: Cagan Irmak

Cast: Melis Birkan, Cemal Hünal, Yıldız Kültür

Genre: Romance, Drama

It’s time for Issız Adam, perhaps the only movie in our list of breakup movies that is watched by everyone. It is a movie that caused a big sensation when it was released, broke the box office records, and naturally brought controversy with it. Alper is a cook in his 30s who owns his own restaurant. Although he is very successful in his job, he is equally unsuccessful in relationships. He couldn’t put his life in order when he said paid partnerships and daily relationships. Alper’s biggest hobby is collecting records. One day, he stops by the record and book store he always visits, and his life changes.

Alper meets a woman named Ada in the shop and is very impressed by her as soon as he sees her. Unlike Alper, Ada is a woman who leads a much more modest life. Alper finds a book that Ada was looking for but could not find in the shop and gives it to her as a gift. This is how the two meet, and soon a passionate love begins between them. Although everything seems very good at first, Alper realizes that he misses his old life over time. Still, he tries to make room for Ada in his life by resisting this longing, but he will not be very successful in this regard. Ada, on the other hand, has already lost herself to the wind of love.

Records, nostalgic songs, delicious food, scenes full of romance, the streets of Beyoğlu and, of course, love… Issız Adam reveals how modern life isolates people, both personally and in terms of relationships.

22) PS I Love You – PS: I Love You (2007) | IMDb: 7.0

P.S. I Love You Official Trailer #1 - (2007) HD

Director: Richard LaGravenese

Cast: Hilary Swank, Gerard Butler, Harry Connick Jr.

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Holly and Gerry are a married couple who love each other very much. Their happy marriage is shaken one day when Gerry falls ill with a terminal illness. After learning about his illness, Gerry takes only one goal for himself; and to make Holly’s life easier from now on. For this reason, he begins to write letters to his wife before he comes face to face with death. Thanks to these letters, Gerry aims to relieve Holly’s pain and sadness, and to help her embrace life again.

Holly is a smart and beautiful woman and Gerry is the love of her life. Therefore, losing Gerry will inflict deep wounds on his soul. But when Gerry’s letters start arriving, Holly’s life begins to change. Gerry’s first letter arrives on Holly’s birthday. Gerry tells Holly to go out and celebrate her birthday to the fullest. More letters kept coming in the days, weeks, and months that followed.

Each letter sends Holly on another adventure. The only common feature of all letters is that they end in the same sentence: Note: I Love You! Holly becomes more and more attached to the letters every day. This worries her mother and her close friends. Because they think Holly is stuck in the past. Whereas, Gerry is preparing Holly for a new future by aiming the opposite while writing the letters. Each letter sent to Holly by Gerry takes Holly on a unique journey of rediscovering herself and life.

21) Closer – Closer (2004) | IMDb: 7.2

Closer (2004) Official Trailer 1 - Julia Roberts Movie

Director: Mike Nichols

Cast: Natalie Portman, Jude Law, Clive Owen

Genre: Drama, Romance

Dan, whose biggest dream is to be a writer, works as a journalist. The only thing he does at the newspaper he works for is writing obituaries. Dan leads a boring life, caught between his dreams and his job. Then one day, he meets Alice by chance. Dan is very impressed with Alice as soon as they meet. He even writes a book inspired by Alice’s life. After finishing the book, he goes to a photography studio to have the cover photo of the book taken. Dan immediately falls in love with Anna, the owner of the photography studio. In the past, this love flares up even more, but Anna has no feelings for Dan.

Without losing hope, Dan waits for Anna to reciprocate his love, but something happens that he never expected. Anna and Larry get married; which introduced Anna to Larry and Dan. While Dan thinks it’s all over, after a while, something he never expected happens again. This time, Anna started to have some feelings for Dan. Dan, of course, reciprocates these feelings. Thus, both Dan and Anna cheat on their loved ones because of these uncontrollable feelings.

20) Blue Valentine – Love And Ashes (2010) | IMDb: 7.3

Blue Valentine (2010) Official Trailer - Michelle Williams, Ryan Gosling Movie HD

Director: Derek Cianfrance

Cast: Ryan Gosling, Michelle Williams, John Doman

Genre: Drama, Romance

Dean and Cindy are a married couple. There are big problems in their marriage and these problems never get resolved. Eventually, they end their marriage. In fact, they both love each other very much, but the problems are so great that their love was not enough to maintain their marriage.

After the divorce, both Dean and Cindy go through a very difficult time. In these difficult times, they both do one thing in common; and to think about the first time they fell in love with each other. In fact, this is exactly the starting point of the movie. Contrasting concepts such as male-female, youth-old age, love-hate, past-present, dream-reality and the conflicts of these concepts are discussed through two characters. Blue Valentine is undoubtedly one of the most striking love films of the last period.

19) Crazy, Stupid, Love. – Crazy Stupid Love (2011) | IMDb: 7.4

Crazy, Stupid, Love. Official Trailer #1 - (2011) HD

Director: Glenn Ficarra, John Requa

Cast: Ryan Gosling, Steve Carell, Julianne Moore

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Cal Weaver, in his 40s, lives a life that can be described as flawless. In addition to being married to his high school sweetheart, Cal has children he loves, a dream home and a great job. When everything looks this good, both from Cal’s side and from the outside, something happens that will change everything. Cal learns that he has been cheated on by his wife, Emily. Moreover, Emily wants a divorce. Cal’s life, of course, comes crashing down in an instant.

Devoting almost all of his time to his family and work, Cal has naturally been away from social life for quite some time. So, after all these disappointments, he doesn’t know what to do. In the evening, he goes to the bar near the house and just drinks without doing anything. One day, when he goes to the bar, he meets a man named Jacob. Just as Cal is a simple man, Jacob is his complete opposite. A womanizer, constantly flirting with other women, Jacob has literally devoted his life to women.

When Cal tells Jacob about his situation, Jacob says he will help him. He starts off by teaching a single man how to live his life first. He tells Cal about things he’s never experienced or even heard of. Addicted to dating, a sense of style that will make her look different from everyone else, hard drinks… All of this is just the beginning for Cal to forget about his ex.

While teaching Cal all this, Jacob meets a woman named Hannah. Whatever tactics Jacob has used on women, Hannah applies the same tactics. But none of these tactics work; because Hannah never responds to Jacob. Jacob is overwhelmed by the lack of reciprocity, and all this makes him unable to get Hannah out of his mind. On the other hand, Cal’s son’s babysitter, Jessica, is madly in love with Cal. Cal doesn’t know what to do with this situation. At the end of the day, Cal and Jacob find themselves in a dead end love affair.

18) (500) Days of Summer – (500) Days of Love (2009) | IMDb: 7.6


Director: Marc Webb

Cast: Zooey Deschanel, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Geoffrey Arend

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

The Day of Love (500) is one of the most remarkable films on our breakup movies list. Described as an unconventional romantic comedy , the film tells the story of a woman who does not believe in true love and a man who falls in love with this woman. Yes, the subject may seem like a cliché, but the way it’s handled makes it one of the most remarkable films on the list.

Tom and Summer meet by chance. Tom falls in love with Summer as soon as he sees her and doesn’t know what to do to open up to her. There is only one thing he knows; that he wants to spend the rest of his life with Summer. However, Summer is someone who never believes in love. He doesn’t even believe in love, but he doesn’t believe in relationships either. Nevertheless, a different relationship begins between Tom and Summer, which can neither be called friendship nor love.

The duo spend fun and extraordinary times together. From the outside, everything looks smooth and beautiful. More precisely, it is for Tom. Summer, on the other hand, has already begun to feel unhappy inside. Tom and Summer are about to enter a life-changing juncture.

17) Jeux d’enfants – Do you dare love? (2003) | IMDb: 7.6

Cesaretin var mı Aşka? | Jeux d'enfants | Altyazılı Fragman

Director: Yann Samuell

Cast: Guillaume Canet, Marion Cotillard, Thibault Verhaeghe

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Do You Have the Courage to Love, is one of the most classic movies on our breakup movie list. Julien and Sophie have been friends since childhood. Sophie is someone who is exposed to racist remarks by other children because of her Polish descent. Julien, on the other hand, has to deal with his mother, who has cancer. There is a special bond between these two children since childhood. So much so that this bond gets stronger with a game they play. Playing a kind of game of courage, the duo do not give up playing this game for years.

When they reach adulthood, they begin to give each other some tasks, such as taking an exam with a bra, slapping the school’s toughest kid. As the games intertwined with life itself over time, the first seeds of a great love are planted between Sophie and Julien. The duo, who have been very close friends since childhood, realize their feelings for each other, but it will not be easy for them to reunite.

16) Silver Linings Playbook – My Light of Hope (2012) | IMDb: 7.7

Umut Işığım (Silver Linings Playbook) / Türkçe Altyazılı Fragman

Director: David O. Russell

Cast: Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Pat is a former history teacher. He is a person who values everything in his life, especially his wife Vicky. But one day she is dumped by Vicky for another man. Unable to cope with this grief, Pat ends up in a mental hospital. After leaving the hospital, he takes on a single purpose; and he’s getting his wife back by putting his life back in order. That’s why he moves in with his family. With the support of his family, he starts working to become the man Vicky wants.

As eager and hopeful as Pat is, things don’t go as planned. In the meantime, he meets Tiffany at a dinner with family friends. Tiffany is a beautiful young woman, but she is just as problematic as Pat. The two make a deal. Pat will help her in the dance competition by learning to dance for Tiffany. In return, Tiffany will help Pat get his ex-wife back. This agreement will be a glimmer of hope for both of them.

15) The Broken Circle Breakdown – Broken Circle (2012) | IMDb: 7.7

The Broken Circle Breakdown Official Trailer #1 (2013) - Belgian Drama HD

Director: Felix van Groeningen

Cast: Veerle Baetens, Johan Heldenbergh, Nell Cattrysse

Genre: Drama, Music, Romance

The Broken Circle has one of the most touching and striking stories on our breakup movies list in recent years. Didier and Elise are two very different characters. Didier describes himself as an atheist, musician and romantic. He is introverted and generally likes to hang out alone. Elise, on the other hand, is a believer and earns her life by tattooing. She is also a talkative, sociable, fun woman. These two different characters fall in love with each other at first sight. They get married soon after and their lives change in an instant.

The first years of their marriage are like fairy tales. They live happily every day like the last day of their lives. They even had a daughter named Maybelle. So much so that Maybelle will be the biggest test of their life. When Maybelle was six years old, she fell seriously ill. Didier and Elise, struggling to find a cure for their daughter’s illness, wear each other down during this process. In fact, this attrition will bring both of them to make serious inquiries about both their relationships and life.

14) La vie d’Adèle – Blue Is The Warmest Color (2013) | IMDb: 7.7

La vie d'Adèle | Official Trailer 2013 HD

Director: Abdellatif Kechiche

Cast: Lea Seydoux, Adele Exarchopoulos, Salim Kechiouche

Genre: Drama, Romance

Adapted from Julie Maroh’s comic book Blue Angel, the movie is one of the most controversial productions of our breakup movies list in recent years. Adele is a 15-year-old girl. In this period when she is just starting to get to know her life and herself, sexuality is also a great discovery for her. Adele, who starts dating and being with men, one day meets a girl named Emma. Emma has blue hair and Adele is very interested in this colored hair.

Shortly after meeting Adele and Emma, an attraction develops between them. This attraction soon turns into love and they both realize that they actually like women. Adele feels like an adult when she is with Emma. However, whenever she is alone, she cannot make peace with her adolescent problems, her family and the world she is trying to understand. Movie, 66. It managed to make a big impression by winning the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

13) The Notebook – Notepad (2004) | IMDb: 7.8

The Notebook (2004) Extended Trailer HD

Director: Nick Cassavetes

Cast: Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams, James Garner

Genre: Drama, Romance

We continue with The Notebook, which is considered one of the most romantic films in the history of world cinema, not just our list of breakup films. Introducing Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams to the world, the film tells the love story of two characters named Noah and Allie.

We are in the 1940s… Noah, who lives on Seabrook Island in the US state of South Carolina, works as a worker in a mill. Allie, on the other hand, came to this island with her family to evaluate the summer vacation. Noah and Allie meet at a carnival and fall in love the same way they met. There is a serious class difference between them, but they do not care about it. So much so that they spend a dreamy summer.

Everything is going well for the two of them. However, 2. The footsteps of World War II have already begun to be heard. Noah is forced to join the army and go to war. He can never get Allie out of his mind. Allie starts working as a volunteer at a military hospital. Years pass, but the two never hear from each other. Until that day! Noah returns from the war. Upon his return, he learns that Allie is about to marry Lon, whom she met at the hospital where she works. Will this great and passionate love that was left unfinished bring them together again?

12) Marriage Story – Marriage Story (2019) | IMDb: 7.9

MARRIAGE STORY Official Trailer (2019) Scarlett Johansson, Adam Driver Netflix Movie HD

Director: Noah Baumbach

Cast: Adam Driver, Scarlett Johansson, Julia Greer

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Charlie and Nicole are a very happy married couple with one child. However, the past years have worn them down a lot. Although they make attempts to save their marriage, which is about to fall apart, they both make a joint decision about divorce. The couple thinks that they will have an easy divorce process as they will get divorced by mutual agreement. However, the opposite happens. On top of that, when the custody of the child comes into question, Charlie and Nicole start to hurt each other psychologically.

While this whole complex process continues, they both decide to continue their lives in different cities. Charlie is a director and Nicole is an actress. While Charlie wants to stay in New York to continue pursuing his existing jobs, Nicole prepares to go to Los Angeles for the television series she was cast in. Things get out of hand when different cities are added on top of the divorce process and child custody.

Charlie and Nicole start shouting at each other whatever they have been holding inside until that day. Both of them become more aggressive day by day, and they become unable to recognize themselves and each other. The movie made a huge impact in 2019 when it was released, and Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson were eye-catching with their performances.

11) Destiny (2006) | IMDb: 7.9

Kader | Destiny 2006 fragman

Director: Zeki Demirkubuz

Cast: Ufuk Bayraktar, Vildan Atasever, Engin Akyurek

Genre: Drama

The story of Bekir and Uğur is undoubtedly one of the most iconic stories in the history of Turkish cinema. Destiny, which Zeki Demirkubuz takes the audience to before the 1997 film Innocence, is considered by many to be the director’s most successful film. The film, which tells about a helpless, hopeless and obsessive love triangle, is one of the most precious works of recent Turkish cinema.

Bekir is in love with Uğur. Uğur, on the other hand, loves Zagor. Zagor also knows no other way than to get himself in trouble. Bekir is a quiet young man who lives with his family and works in his father’s shop. One day, Uğur comes to the shop. As soon as Bekir sees Uğur, he becomes obsessed with it. However, Uğur is with Zagor, the hoodlum of the neighborhood. One evening, a fight breaks out in the neighborhood cafe. Zagor commits a murder in this fight and events develop.

Zagor and Uğur disappear. Even though Bekir has Uğur on his mind, he continues his life somehow. Then one day Uğur shows up and the story begins. Zagor is constantly transferred to other prisons, Uğur goes after him, and Bekir risks everything and goes after Uğur. This endless chase, which will last for years, makes the audience question many things about love, passion and obsession.

10) Call Me by Your Name – Call Me By Your Name (2017) | IMDb: 7.9

Call Me By Your Name | Official Trailer HD (2017)

Director: Luca Guadagnino

Cast: Armie Hammer, Timothée Chalamet, Michael Stuhlbarg

Genre: Drama, Romance

We are in Northern Italy in the summer of 1983. Elio is on vacation with his family in a rural area of northern Italy. He spends most of his time with his girlfriend Marzia. In the rest of his time, he mostly reads books and makes music. Elio’s father is a respected archeology professor and his mother is a translator. Elio, who is an intellectual personality with a lot of knowledge compared to his age with the education he received from his mother and father, has not yet reached the same adulthood emotionally.

One day, Oliver, his father’s doctoral student, comes to the family. Elio’s life will start to change exactly that day. From the very first moments, a rapprochement begins between Oliver and Elio. It will be an unforgettable summer vacation for both of them, especially for Elio.

9) Gegen die Wand – Against the Wall (2004) | IMDb: 7.9


Director: Fatih Akin

Cast: Birol Ünel, Sibel Kekilli, Güven Kıraç

Genre: Drama, Romance

Not only on our breakup movies list, but also on the 21st. It’s time for one of the most striking examples of 20th century European cinema. Against the Wall, one of the most successful films in Fatih Akın’s filmography, according to many Cahit is a character who has gone into a great depression psychologically, so he is having a hard time. In addition, he has serious alcohol and drug addiction. So much so that this process drives him to suicide. The psychiatrist he got support from helped him a lot to hold on to life again, and Cahit responds to this.

Sibel, on the other hand, lives in an oppressive and conservative family. Since he can’t live freely, he has been in a great depression for a long time and just like Cahit, he tried to commit suicide. Cahit and Sibel, who met at the hospital, want to hold on to a new life after their suicide attempt. For this, as the first step, Sibel comes to Cahit with an offer. Sibel, who sees marriage as the only way to get rid of the house and regain her freedom, asks Cahit to marry her. Although it is difficult, Cahit accepts this offer and the two get married and start living in the same house.

The deal is simple: they’re both going to live their own lives, marriage will have no effect. However, after a while, the inevitable end of living in the same house comes true. A rapprochement begins between the two. However, their lives have already been divided into different paths. All we have to do is watch the adventure of a hopeless love from Germany to Istanbul.

8) La La Land – City of Lovers (2016) | IMDb: 8.0

La La Land Official Trailer - Dreamers (2016) - Ryan Gosling Movie

Director : Damien Chazelle

Cast: Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Rosemarie DeWitt

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Music, Musical, Romance

In addition to being one of the most popular films of recent years, La La Land is also one of the most special productions in the history of musical cinema. Sebastian and Mia are two characters who are trying to get their lives in order on the one hand, and on the other hand, are trying to find a new way for themselves. The movie is about the love story between these two.

Sebastian tries to maintain classical jazz music in today’s conditions. Mia works as a waitress, but her real dream is to become an actress. They have one thing in common: Both are only at the beginning of the road. While Sebastian earns money by making music that he doesn’t like and that has no style, Mia auditions when she finds herself working as a waitress.

Sebastian and Mia meet by chance on a day of heavy traffic. At first, they don’t like each other at all; However, as time passes, a great love begins to emerge between them. The duo both have a passionate love and support each other in achieving their dreams.

Things are going well for both of them. Both are satisfied with their relationship and the way they have come to achieve their dreams. However, the paths slowly begin to diverge. The love between them is great, but their passion for their dreams is greater. First, there are arguments, arguments turn into fights, dreams take the place of love, love takes the place of dreams. Hayat has written a completely different scenario for Sebastian and Mia, which is not in the plan.

7) Annie Hall (1977) | IMDb: 8.0

Annie Hall Official Trailer #1 - Woody Allen Movie (1977) HD

Director: Woody Allen

Cast: Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Tony Roberts

Genre: Comedy, Romance

On our breakup movies list, it’s time for Woody Allen’s unforgettable classic, Annie Hall. Alvy Singer is a comedian and Annie Hall is a singer. Alvy Singer is determined to pursue love during this period of his life. However, he has no hope of finding love in the intellectual environment he is in. That is, until he met Annie Hall. As soon as Alvy Singer meets Annie Hall, she is very impressed by her and thinks she has found the love she was looking for. When Annie Hall reciprocates, the two begin an intense but unorthodox relationship.

The movie looks like a classic male-female romantic comedy. However, he says so many different things about love that he makes the audience think and question. This makes the movie one of the most special romantic comedies in the history of cinema, even today. It is perfect for those who want to take a stroll in the streets of New York in the 70s and experience the atmosphere of that period in the light of romantic comedy.

6) Before Sunrise – Before Sunrise (1995) | IMDb: 8.1

Before Sunrise / Gün Doğmadan Türkçe Altyazılı Fragman - Julie Delpy Ethan Hawke

Director: Richard Linklater

Cast: Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy, Andrea Eckert

Genre: Drama, Romance

One of the must-haves of the breakup movies list, Before Sunrise is the first film of director Richard Linklater’s legendary trilogy that spanned 18 years. Celine and Jesse are two people who never knew each other. Both of them went on a journey to Europe without knowing each other, and fate compares them on a train. The two start chatting on the train and soon enter into a very friendly dialogue. However, the train is about to approach the stop. Jesse has a flight the next day. He tells Celine that he has no money, so he will be wandering around Vienna until morning.

Although Celine is hesitant at first, she too wants to spend time with Jesse. He also gets off the train and the duo’s 14-hour Vienna adventure begins. They wander around Vienna all day long, chatting and getting to know each other better. In fact, they both have feelings for each other, but they avoid putting it into sentences because the time is limited. There is only one thing they know; and that this night will be their first and last night.

5) Fa Yeung Nin Wah – Time for Love (2000) | IMDb: 8.1

In the Mood for Love (2000) ORIGINAL TRAILER [HD]

Director: Kar-Wai Wong

Cast: Tony Chiu-Wai Leung, Maggie Cheung, Siu Ping-Lam

Genre: Drama, Romance

We turn our route to the Far East at number 5 of our breakup movies list. Chau and his wife, who live in Hong Kong, move into an apartment with Shanghainese. Chau is the editor-in-chief of a local newspaper. As the move continues, Chau meets next-door neighbor Li-Chun. Li-Chun carries items just like Chau, and both have wives at work. This first meeting, which was a coincidence, will actually be the turning point of not only theirs but also their spouses’ lives.

Li-Chun and Chau meet and spend time together when their spouses go to work. In a short time, a relationship begins between them. Both of them are afraid of their spouses, but after a while they learn that these reservations are unfounded. Because their spouses are cheating on them with each other. When the truth is revealed, they enter a painful process in which they will review both themselves and their relationships.

4) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – From the Beginning (2004) | IMDb: 8.3

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Trailer

Director: Michel Gondry

Cast: Jim Carrey, Kate Winslet, Tom Wilkinson

Genre: Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi

It’s time for a movie that has taken its place among the classics on our breakup movies list. Bringing a whole new dimension to the romantic movie concept, Sil Baştan was a movie that almost everyone talked about at the time it was released. We follow the story of a man who, after breaking up with his lover, erases the memories of his lover in his memory. While the idea from which the film sets out is remarkable in itself, its narration style makes it talked about even today.

Joel and Clementine have been a couple together for two years. Joel gets some shocking news about Clementine one day. Clementine participated in a technological experiment. As a result of this experiment, everything about her relationship with Joel will be erased from her memory. Learning of the situation, Joel takes action to try to remind her of their relationship before Clementine forgets everything. However, Clementine does not remember who Joel is.

Joel is very angry. He doesn’t know what to do at first. Then he wants the same experiment to be applied on himself. When the deletion process begins, we start to follow the process of the relationship. Joel is watching his relationship with us. He thinks he did a good thing when he witnesses how the relationship, which started well at first, deteriorates over time. However, when it comes to good memories, he wants to stop the experiment. He experiences great regret. Will Joel and Clementine be able to go back to their old ways?

3) Scener ur ett äktenskap – Landscapes from a House (1974) | IMDb: 8.4

Scenes From A Marriage (trailer) - Accent Films

Director: Ingmar Bergman

Cast: Liv Ullmann, Erland Josephson, Bibi Andersson

Genre: Drama

The film is about the 10-year marriage of Marianne and Johan couple. The production, which tells one by one the processes of separation, cheating, separation, reconciliation and, of course, divorce throughout the marriage, is considered one of the most important works of Swedish author-director Ingmar Bergman. The story, which was first shot as a TV series by Ingmar Bergman, was remade as a feature film a year later.

Although Marianne and Johan are divorced, they are inseparable from each other and continue to see each other regularly. However, all of these talks end in a separate fight. They meet again, fight again… The only thing that brings them together again and again is their endless love for each other.

By creating one of the most striking stories of marriage in the history of cinema, Ingmar Bergman traps the audience in the relationship of Marianne and Johan couple. In the meantime, let’s say that the movie won the Golden Globe in the Best Foreign Language Film category.

2) Casablanca – Casablanca (1942) | IMDb: 8.5

Casablanca (1942) Official Trailer - Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman Movie HD

Director: Michael Curtiz

Cast: Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, Paul Henreid

Genre: Drama, Romance, War

As we approach the end of our breakup movies list, it’s time for a movie classic. Casablanca, a love movie classic in the truest sense of the word, It tells about a love affair in Casablanca, Morocco, during World War II. Victor Lazlow is the leader of a resistance organization in Germany. Victor Lazlow, who escaped from the camp where he was held, arrives in Casablanca. His goal is to go from here to Lisbon and from Lisbon to the USA. However, things don’t go as planned.

Victor Lazlow meets Rick, the owner of Casablanca’s most famous nightclub. Rick is also a strong character in the city and will prepare the passports Victor needs for his escape. However, there is another situation. On the other hand, Rick secretly wants Victor to be caught or even killed. Because Ilsa, Victor’s wife, once left Rick. Rick also buried this love in his heart, but he never forgot it. Will Rick help Ilsa and Victor escape the city?

1) Let’s Write Selvi Boylum Al-Write (1977) | IMDb: 8.6

Selvi Boylum Al Yazmalım HD Fragman

Director: Atif Yilmaz

Cast: Türkan Şoray, Kadir İnanır, Ahmet Mekin

Genre: Drama, Romance

It’s time for the number one part of our breakup movies list: Selvi Boylum Al Yazmalım… There is no one who has not watched the movie, one of the cult productions of Turkish cinema history. However, it is such a timeless film that it manages to make itself watch over and over again and never gets old. Adapted from Chingiz Aitmatov’s novel “Red Scarf”, the film tells about the love between İlyas and Asya. İlyas is a truck driver. One day, Ilyas, who set out from Istanbul again, comes to a village and sees Asya. The couple, who fall in love with each other in a short time, run away and get married.

At first everything is going very well. They even have a child named Samet. İlyas is always on the road as he is a long distance driver. That’s why Asya is left alone with her son Samet. İlyas gets into his truck to go to work one day and sets off. This time, however, he does not return home. Days, weeks, months pass, but İlyas is not there. When Asya loses hope in İlyas, she takes Samet and hits the road. Unsure of what to do, Asya encounters a man named Cemşit on the way, and the lives of all the characters change in an instant.

Cemşit opens his house to Asya and Samet. Although Asya is restless at first, over time she begins to like Cemşit. Samet also loves Cemşit very much, he even knows him as his father. Then one day, by chance, İlyas appears. Cemşit saved İlyas, who sank into the mud with his truck, and calls him home to help him. When İlyas and Asya see each other, they do not know what to do. Although they do not make Cemşit realize the situation at first, Cemşit understands the situation in time.

Two men, a woman and a child… İlyas wants to go back to Asia and live the good old days with his son Samet. Since Samet does not know İlyas, he runs away from him and knows Cemşit as his father. Cemşit waits in a corner, not knowing what to do. Asya asks the question that will never be forgotten: What was love?


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