Famous Logos: If People Are Asked to Draw Brands Famous Logos by Heart

At Direktör

At Direktör

"Mükemmel fikirlere sahip olmak, onları satamadığınız sürece işe yaramaz."

How much do we remember the logos of global brands that we come across all the time? How well do we know the details of these logos?
The website Signs.com sought the answers to these questions with an entertaining study involving 156 people in the USA. In this study, participants were asked to memorize the logos of 10 famous companies in half an hour. The drawings were then graded according to their closeness to the original logo. The results are interesting and fun.

When you look carefully, you can see very funny drawings. :))

IKEA is one of the logos with the highest overall success rate.

At Dominos Pizza, things don’t seem very encouraging.

Here, too, success seems high.

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