Entrepreneurship Questions: 25 Questions to Measure Your Entrepreneurial Potential

Imagine sailing a sea full of storms with a boat as big as your capital. Imagine your boat growing and developing as your entrepreneurial idea gets stronger. How far you will go is under the control of your knowledge. Which storms you dive into or how you survive a storm that finds you depends on your skills. Knowledge and skills are the two most essential elements that feed an entrepreneur’s idea.
Also, imagine that you have a small boat, your savings, that the storms can’t fight. How far can you go?
As I said at the beginning; You are in a sea of storms. If you see entrepreneurship as a trend and throw yourself into this sea because of your excitement, you are more likely to be wrong about your idea or yourself. Just as entrepreneurship requires so much attention and knowledge to be a plan B, being an entrepreneur is not as easy as having an idea.
In the light of all this, if we are considering becoming an entrepreneur, we should know ourselves before our idea and make sure that we are ready for a stormy life. The best way to get to know ourselves is to answer these questions honestly by asking ourselves questions.
1) Can you deal with disappointment and start again in a positive mood?
2) Would you be happy to be the center of attention?
3) Is it easy for you to get organized?
4) Do you think you can control your life within a discipline?
5) Are you ready to take risks at acceptable levels?
6) Do you know how to show your creative side?
7) Do you trust your imagination?
8) Do you have the skills to take some seemingly unfavorable conditions and turn them into opportunities?
9) Are you brave?
10) Are you patient?

11) Will you be able to face the freedom restrictions you and your family will face when you start your own business?
12) Do you hate mediocrity?
13) Are you reliable? Do you trust yourself?
14) Can you ignore the destructive judgments of people around you when you truly believe in someone or something?
15) Can you evaluate constructive judgments to solve problems by filtering them?
16) Do people describe you as an enthusiastic and lively person?
17) Do you like the idea of working alone most of your time?
18) Do you like to get on the phone and talk to strangers?
19) Can you manage to get up early in the morning in a positive mood for a goal?

20) Do you have the ability to influence people?
21) Is your financial situation consistent?
22) Do you get bored quickly?
23) Can you fight for what you believe in?
24) Can you easily control your nerves in your relationships?
25) Do you manage to laugh at yourself?

Of course, it’s an aim and hope that all among us answer “yes” to all 25 questions. This is already close to impossible. But after answering all 25 questions, we should have been able to see how right or how ready we are for an entrepreneurial adventure in one way or another.

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