9 Psychological Questions That Will Let You Get To Know The Person In Depth

Zeynep İrem Çobanoğlu

Zeynep İrem Çobanoğlu

Yeditepe Üniversitesi Psikoloji

It can be upsetting to realize that your relationships with people are superficial and limited in the digital and fast age we live in. On the other hand, even in short conversations, you can revive your social life and strengthen your relations with people with simple questions that will allow you to know the person in front of you almost like a therapist and to evaluate him correctly.

1) If you had an envelope with the date of your death in it, would you open it?

With this very basic question, you can easily evaluate the perspective of the person in front of you about destiny, beliefs and life. Since death is the common existential dilemma of all people, even the response of the person you ask this question will help you to get to know it.

2) Would you be friends with yourself?

The answer to this question can give you clues about the person’s self-confidence, self-love and respect, self-evaluations and whether he is satisfied with his personality.

3) If there was a device that measures a feature (such as social status, money, happiness) that people have, what would you want this device to measure?

With this question, you can learn the priorities of the other person in life and the qualities they value.

4) What do you do differently from other people?

This question will show the limits of the person’s daily life, what the level of insanity is, and whether your hobbies and pleasures match with him.

5) If you cheated on your spouse but he would never find out, would you still tell him about it?

According to the answer to this question, you can clearly see the moral standards, good/evil and right/wrong evaluations of the other person.

6) Do you get the feeling that your days are repeating one another?

While this question sometimes reveals how monotonous or ordinary a person’s life is, sometimes it can show how meaningfully he lives his life.

7) What characteristics would these planets have if men and women lived on different planets?

It is one of the most logical questions you can ask a person to learn about their perspective on male-female relationships and gender roles.

8) Does stealing to feed your child make you a criminal or a moral person?

This question will reveal one’s point of view and virtues towards moral responsibilities.

9) If you didn’t have money problems, which profession would you like to do?

This question provides a very important step in getting to know the person in front of you by showing their wishes, deepest life desires and dreams that cannot come true.

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