8 Facts That Justify Rumors That Steve Jobs Is Bad

The world is inspired by the achievements of Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs. We all follow closely what is written and drawn about him.
Almost all of us remember him well, but you may have heard rumors about him as “a bad guy” or “a jerk”. Yes, maybe establishing the world’s largest technology company is not an easy task, but this success is not enough for Jobs to cover up his past mistakes.
Movies like Pirates of Silicon Valley and Steve Jobs (2015) portray these mistakes boldly. Here are some of them:

1) Jobs had a daughter with ex-girlfriend Chrisann Brennan in 1978. Her name was Lisa. He denied paternity for years despite testing positive for parenthood.

He swore in court that he was barren and, naturally, could not be Lisa’s father. But she also objected to the request to be tested for infertility.

2) 17 years ago, he stopped all philanthropy and social responsibility projects belonging to Apple. It never continued again.

He probably thought it was bullshit. He did not want to spend any more time, effort and money for these projects.

3) Another attempt after Apple had to go to financial cuts for Pixar. And he did not compensate any of his fired employees.

In fact, when Pamela Kerwin, a Pixar employee, objected that “employees should be informed at least two weeks in advance ,” Steve Jobs said “okay, but the briefing had already started two weeks ago.”

4) Steve Jobs faced serious reactions in 2011 by parking his Mercedes in the handicapped parking lot.

5) He set Apple’s different departments against each other, aiming to motivate the entire company with a perfectionist approach.

He wanted employees to have the same toxic ambitions he had. He felt it was necessary on the road to success.

6) He used the deficit in the UNOS (International Organ Transplantation Network) system in order to have a liver transplant before others when he was sick.

This mistake was one of the most unacceptable things.

7) Jobs’ strange behavior towards the candidate during a job interview, as described in Walter Isaacson’s book:

“How old were you when you lost your virginity?” Steve asked the island. she asked. The candidate was stunned. Steve Jobs insisted: “I don’t understand what you said, are you a virgin or not?” The candidate was confused as to what to do. Realizing this, Jobs changed the subject, “How many times have you taken LSD*?” she asked. (*A drug called lysergic acid diethylamide)

Andy Hertzfeld recalls, “The poor guy was blushing. So I went straight to the technical questions to change the subject.” Steve Jobs, who spoke hoarsely in his answers to technical questions, got bored and stepped in to make his teammates Smith and Hertzfeld laugh: “Gobble, gobble, gobble…” (turkey voice)
The poor man said “I think I’m not the right person for this job” and left.

8) He used to make jokes about “you’re fired” to his employees in the office environment. When he got angry or didn’t get what he wanted, he didn’t hesitate to break the heart of the other person.

Nobody wanted to meet him, especially in the elevator. Every time he got into the elevator, he always made jokes about “you’re fired”.

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