10 Inspirational Quotes from JRR Tolkien on Life and Travel

If you consider yourself a serious reader, you probably have a few writers that you admire and think have taught you a lot about life. There are a few authors that I read with this seriousness, and perhaps one of the names at the top of this list is JRR Tolkien, who is known for his fantasy fiction works such as The Hobbit , The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion.
So much so that Tolkien is a writer who seems completely independent of the world we live in, but sets out to describe the world we live in with values and teachings at many points. He is a unique traveler who presents his narratives in a completely different dimension with fantastic stories and tales, and also makes us a partner in his own travels.
So what can we learn about life from such a traveler? Here are my 10 favorite quotes from Tolkien about life and travel:

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time given to us.”

“We would live in a happier world if most of us valued food, enjoyment, and songs as more valuable than gold.”

“Frodo goes out the door. You’re on your way, and if you don’t keep your feet, no one knows where you’ll be dragged.”

“The world is indeed full of dangers and there are many dark places in it. However, there is still much that is fair. And although it is everywhere, love is now mixed with sadness, yet it grows. Maybe even bigger than sadness.”

“Not everyone who wanders is lost.”

“The fact that the Earth is wide is all about you: you can fence yourself off, but you can’t stop it forever.”

“Small little steps make a journey.”

“If you want to find something, there is nothing like looking. If you look, you will undoubtedly find something, but it is not always an afterthought. It’s actually been there a long time.”

“After all, you are just a little friend in the big world!”

“Is there no end to any adventure? I don’t think it is. Someone else always has to continue the story.”

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