Sugar Orange: 25 Quotes to Find Out About Yourself

The Candy Orange book, written by Brazilian José Mauro de Vasconcelos and made him famous worldwide, was written in 1968. Explaining that he wrote this novel in 12 days, the author made a statement as “But I carried it in my heart for more than twenty years”. Written in a short time but continuing its effect for years, the words of Şeker Orange are such that everyone will definitely find a piece of themselves.

candy orange

1) “What belongs to you finds you.”

2) “I don’t expect anything from anyone. So I’m not disappointed.”

3) “- You know, I kill people, Portuga.

– How do you do this, Zeze?

– By forgetting them.”

4) “- Tell me more, I said.

– Do you like it?

– A lot. If I could, I would talk to you eight hundred and fifty-two thousand kilometers non-stop.

– How do we get gasoline on all these roads?

– We’ll pretend to go.”

5) “We were all big. Big and sad people who had their share of the same sadness, with little bits and pieces.”

6) “- What’s wrong Zeze?

– Nothing, I was singing.

– Were you singing?

– Yes.

– Then I must be deaf.

Didn’t he know that you can sing inside yourself? I did not say anything. If he didn’t know, I wouldn’t teach him.”

7) “Let’s sleep, one forgets everything when he sleeps.”

8) “The child’s heart forgets but does not forgive.”

9) “I will kill him in my heart, not loving him anymore.”

10) “- How many days will my suffering last, Portuga?

– 40 days.

– Will it go away after 40 days?

– No, you’ll get used to it.”

candy orange words

11) “Sometimes we have to wait, for the best.”

12) “Pain was something one had to die with. It was something that left no strength in the arms, in the head, and destroyed even the courage to turn the head from side to side on the pillow.”

13) “You don’t have to cry just because you’re sad.”

14) “Ever since I’ve truly discovered what love is, I’ve been showering all my loved ones with love.”

15) “The sound of trees comes from all sides. From leaves, branches, roots… If you put your ear to my trunk, you can hear my heartbeat.”

16) “When our mind melts, do we feel it melt?”

17) “I can’t realize where the story ends and life begins. Sometimes they look at me strangely, then I wake up.”

18) “You must know that the human heart must be very large to contain all those you love.”

19) “Looking at life from afar, I seemed lost in my indifference.”

20) “- Is crying a bad thing?

– Crying is never bad, idiot. Why did you ask?

– I don’t know, I just couldn’t get used to it. It’s like my heart is an empty cage.”

candy orange words

21) “I was so upset that I was so disappointed that I wanted to die at that moment.”

22) “People take things easily from children.”

23) “Children’s wounds heal quickly.”

24) “Because without compassion, life has little value.”

25) “Everywhere was in silence, like the velvet feet of death. And I was condemned to live; to live!”

Sugar Orange is a book that everyone has heard in one way or another. Some of them studied at school as homework before, his name remained in the memories, while others did not forget him after reading it. If you only know the name and don’t remember the story, you should definitely read it. I’m sure a part of you is hidden in that book, too.

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