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Useful sites , instructional web pages, stimulating websites can be great ways to pass the time. Because one of the things that gives us the chance to present new worlds at the computer is the internet, which is a must! When we say internet, we come across millions of websites. So which of these are useful websites?

First of all, you need to decide what you need: interesting websites, information sites where you can follow the current developments regularly, different sites that you can share with your friends, or general culture sites. If you have any extra site suggestions, we are waiting for you in the comments, then you have no doubt that we will review those sites and update our article!

Internet, digital world, social media, interesting sites are the places where people spend most of their time in digital. In order to make the time we spend here more productive, we useful sites we compiled. Thus, you will be able to access useful sites without wasting your time.

Here is a place that you will enjoy exploring and will be of great use to you. useful sites

one) SuperCook : It tells you which dishes you can prepare using the available ingredients in your kitchen and at home, and presents the recipes.
2nd) Coffitivity : Coffitivity provides the opportunity to listen to the hum of the crowd in various environments, for those who want to relax when they feel alone at home.
3) Discuvver: A tool that makes it easier for you to reach more useful sites. You enter the site and click on the “Take me to a useful website” button. From this point on, your exploration of the useful world of the internet begins.



4) Mix :, formerly known as Stumbleupon, is a tool similar to Discuvver in the previous article. It offers you useful sites and web pages that you may like according to your interests.
5) WhatSong : A website that helps you find the songs you hear in the movies and TV shows you watch.
6) HomeStyler : A tool that can help you redesign the interior of your home.
7) ninite : Website where you can download programs in bulk instead of one by one.
8) Duolingo : Website and mobile application where you can learn languages for free.
9) Squirt : A tool that allows you to read articles on the Internet faster.
10) alternativeto : It offers alternatives to a program you love.
11th) thrip : It brings together 4K quality videos from different parts of the world and different cities and allows you to browse online.
12) musclewiki : A website that recommends suitable exercises for you when you click on any muscle in the body that appears.



13) keepmeout: It helps to keep you away from the sites that you think you spend too much time unnecessarily.
14) Wolfram Alpha : Website where you can computationally search using keywords.
15) Simply Noise : Website with a collection of sounds that help you sleep easily.
16) Kitapmetre: A price comparison site that shows the site where you can find the book you want to buy at the cheapest price.
17) geacron : On this website, BC. You can find detailed information about how the world map has changed since 3000 BC.
18) WorldTime : Website showing how the world has changed in the last 30 years.
19) Evolutionoftheweb: Website showing the evolution of web technologies through color graphics.
20) : This simple site tells you when to go to sleep in relation to when you want to wake up.



21) ptable : A website that facilitates the work of those who want to learn the periodic table.
22) pushbullet : It allows you to see the notifications coming to your phone on the computer screen.
23) PlaylistBuddy : Website that lets you turn your Spotify playlist into a YouTube playlist.
24) Website that makes you feel like a DJ and lets you make simple music.
25) How Many People Are In Space Right Now: Website that tells how many people are exploring space and their names right now.
26) The True Size : Website where you can make comparisons between countries’ face measurements.
27) : A website where you can find out how many hours a series lasts in total or how long a single season lasts.
28) Do Nothing For 2 Minutes: A simple website that allows you to do nothing for 2 minutes and relax with the sound of the waves.
29) Flight Radar : A website where you can view every plane in the air instantly.
30) GeoGuessr : This website takes you to a random place on maps and asks you to find out where you are in the world.
31) Radio Garden : Allows you to discover and listen to any radio station anywhere in the world.
32) How Long to Read : You enter the name of any book and it turns the pages into duration. Nice site but unfortunately in English.
33) Music Map : When you enter any musician you like on this website, it tells you the most similar musicians.
34) The Magic iPod : A site that lets you mix songs from the 2000s and create amazing mash-ups.
35) Noisli: It produces sounds that allow you to focus while you are dealing with any task.
36) I Miss the Office : Perfect for those who miss their office! Office sounds are playing in the background while you work. You can also set the degree.
37) skylinewebcams : You can access dozens of city cameras around the world. A space that is one to one for boredom and will be your friend when you are bored or feeling lonely.
38) AI Gahaku : Artificial intelligence artist named “AI Gahaku” produces an old-style oil painting from your photo.
39) CelesTrak : This site offers an interactive orbital visualization of all currently registered satellites.
40) How is the World?: A website that shows how the countries of the world feel on a color map.
41) Rockets of Earth: A website to discover and compare rockets going into space so far.
42) Cut the Knots : A website where mathematical puzzles and other interactive puzzles are compiled.
43) The Deep Sea : A website that shows which sea creatures live at what depth.
44) Evolution of the Scrollbar : One of the interesting ones among the useful sites is this website. Website that lets you interact with some iconic scrollbars from the history of technology.
45) Genealogy.math : A website created to discover mathematicians and see their contributions to science through doctoral advisors.



46) Color Names : A website dedicated to giving all colors a name. Choose a color and vote to name it!
47) HearingTest : This website allows you to test your hearing abilities.
48) Light Pollution Map : This website shows light pollution levels in any location based on data from the last 10 years.
49) The Atlas os Moons : A project of National Geopraphic, this site is designed as an animated atlas of all known moons in our Solar system.
50) What is a Day? : An interactive explanation of how we measure time.
51) Ishkur : An interactive music map showing the obscurity and relationships between electronic music genres.
52) Plink: A web page where you collaborate with people from all over the world. You can also think of it as a multiplayer music experience.
53) MyNoise : If you need some peace or want to sleep, this website called My Noise may be just what you are looking for. It produces sweet noises in which you can adjust the different sounds in different proportions.
54) Apollo 11 in Real Time : A website that explores in detail the Apollo 11 moon landing mission 50 years later and lets you relive that moment. One of our favorite sites among useful sites.
55) The Google Cemetery : Graveyard of Google products. An interesting website with a combination of Google’s unsuccessful product trials.
56) Colorize Photos : A website where you can colorize black and white photos.
57) Google Experiments : Google has a lot of interesting AI experiments. A collection of simple experiments that make it easy for anyone to explore machine learning through images, illustrations, language, music and more.
58) Traffic Simulation : Scientific-based microsimulation of traffic flow
59) Sounds Map : A great sound map showing how people vocally react to the emotions they’re feeling.
60) The Boat : It can be described as a kind of interactive comic book. A great experience for the English speaker. A digital project that has received many awards.
61) WebGL Water : An interesting water and pool simulator that you can play in your browser
62) wab : A website where you can find the oldest digital game demos together.
63) Human Terrain : 3D visualization of the world’s population. It shows the population changes in the last 30 years, city by city, region by region.
64) FlightClub : A site that allows you to create realistic rockets and launch them for flight.
65) Save the Sound : A website that archives recordings of sounds made by old telephones, pinball machines, cameras, typewriters, fans, video game consoles, and other products from 1910.



66) TimeLine of Earth : An infographic website that explains how the world and living things came into being step by step.
67) rave : Actually, this is an AI powered DJ. He analyzes songs and creates new works to create Mixes and Mashups.
68) Based on a True Story : Website that shows the extent to which “based on a true story” movies reflect reality. (One of our favorites among useful sites)
69) Meteor Showers : The date shows the meteor showers that took place.
70) Bird Sounds : A website where you can see and listen to thousands of bird sounds.
71) NYPL Public Domain Release : In 2016, the New York Public Library scanned over 187,000 artworks and photographs and shared them with this website.
72) Passport Index : A website that shows where you can go with or without a visa, allowing you to compare and sort passports.
73) localingual : Interactive map that allows you to listen and record accents from all over the world. We especially recommend you to listen to Ankara. 🙂

74) Animated Knots : Website showing how to tie knots in different disciplines such as fishing, rowing, scouting and search and rescue.
75) The Colors of Motion : Website that creates color palettes of movies.
76) Petalica Paint : A site that can color your sketches automatically!
77) The Elements of Basketball : A website where you can learn basketball throw types on periodic table simulation.
78) Where is the Roadster? : A website that tracks Elon Musk’s red Roadster into space in real time.
79) Make it From : A website where you can compare materials and their properties
80) radiooooo : A great website to listen to what’s playing on the radio of any country, any year.
81) ECU Maritime Studies : A team of researchers scanned and 3D modeled submarine wrecks from WWII.
82) Interactive Phylogenetic Tree of life : Play with your mouse wheel to see all branches of life, from bacteria to humans to the most obscure fungi you can think of or come across.
83) : A website designed to view genres, sample playlists, and dates.
84) Piskel: A tool that makes it simple to make animations and motion graphics.
85) Falstad : A web-based physics simulation of wave motion
86) 3D Face Reconstruction: A website that generates a 3D model of your face from a photo
87) : A great website designed to check the wind and the weather.
88) Eclipse 2017 : Click anywhere in the world to see the eclipse that took place on August 21, 2017. (It may take a while to load)
89) LightningMaps : Website where you can see every lightning strike in the world in real time.



90) Antipodes Map : You enter any point in the world and this website shows you where in the world you will exit if you start tunneling from that point. It is at the top of the category of boredom and the most different sites 🙂
91) ColorHexa : A website that offers more information than you would ever want about any color.
92) SpirographN : It allows you to create works of a kind called Spirograph art.
93) Will Robots Take My job? : A website that describes the possibility of your work being done by a robot.

94) Elephant Expedition : A website where you can help scientists by counting elephants in the African Rainforest. A domain where you can help people in science along with your search for a site to spend time.
95) PaperSizes : A simple and free resource for finding international standards for paper sizes.
96) Everest Rescue : Climbing Mount Everest in 3D
97) City Names : A geographic nameserver that tells how many places in the world share the same name. For example, there are 608 places in the world named San Francisco.
98) FlagWaver: A site that can simulate a waving flag with any texture you choose
99) How much of your body is your own? : Enter some basic information about yourself and discover everything about your body.
one hundred) 100,000 Stars : This website allows you to navigate nearby star systems in 3D view. (Very impressive!)

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