Interesting Facts: 30 Interesting Facts You Probably Haven’t Heard Before

There are many issues in the world that we think we know right, but actually have completely wrong information. In our interesting information content, we have researched 30 different facts for you that you probably have not heard before. What are the most interesting facts? Let’s take a closer look together.

1) We All Have Different Fingerprints, What About Our Language?

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When we say interesting information, we can start with our own unique feature. Just like fingerprints, everyone’s tongue prints are different. Even in twin siblings, the language characteristics are not the same and there are clear distinctions. However, it is also used as a method in catching perpetrators in forensic medicine.

2) The Most Delicious Fact: Peanuts Are Not Nuts


This protein store, which we eat with pleasure, actually belongs to the legumes family. It is a species of Arachis genus and its homeland is Brazil. Although it is often consumed as a dried nut as a snack, it grows as a rooted plant. If your body has a reaction to peanuts, it’s possible that your allergy is actually related to legumes.

3) The Unknown Source of Our Phobias: Our Ancestors

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Although we may not have a traumatic memory of what we fear, we can have many different phobias. Studies have shown that the objects or situations that we fear can be genetically transmitted.

If you have claustrophobia or a phobia of insects, it’s possible that it was passed on to you from a grandparent who lived generations ago. This situation, which can be passed from generation to generation in the form of behavioral genetics, explains our inability to make sense of our phobias.

4) How Many Types of Fragrances Can We Get?

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Scientists previously thought we could only detect 10,000 different scents. The study, published in Science in 2014, shows that we can distinguish more than 1 trillion different odors.

Even if there is a slight difference, we can say that we can distinguish between similar scents. Additionally, women have a stronger sense of smell than men.

5) An Immortal Creature That Comes to Mind When Interesting Facts are Said: Lobster

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As for why lobsters are considered immortal… These sea creatures can renew their cells and DNA structures with the enzymes they secrete. Because they can rejuvenate themselves, they die from disease, not from old age.

6) The World’s Most Visited Country: France


Visited by nearly 90 million people in 2018, France is a favorite travel destination for tourists. It always manages to attract attention with its culture, art and interesting streets. Spain is the second most frequented country.

7) The Quietest Room in the World

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The room at Microsoft headquarters in Washington has a sound level of less than -20 decibels. It is designed for testing products and is quiet enough to hear your own heartbeat. Although calm is golden, it must be a little scary to feel the blood in your veins.

8) Is it Possible to Learn the Total Population on Earth?

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The estimated world population as of 2021 is more than 7.8 billion. When you type Word Population Clock into Google, you can click on the result to see the instant birth and death numbers. Thanks to the program, it is possible to see the instant population numbers of different countries.

9) All Ants on Earth Are Equal to the Total of All Humans


The world population has not reached 8 billion yet. Ants are estimated to be around 10,000,000,000,000 quadrillion. In this case, by a large population difference, the ants and living humans all equal weight.

10) Our Response Time In Any Chat Is 200 Milliseconds


This period, which we can call the average, is almost universally the same. It is also known as the minimum amount of time people respond to anything, including sign language.

11) Bananas Exposed to UV Lights Turn Blue Color

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Bananas exposed to black light (UV rays) take on an intense blue color. The reason for this is the decrease in the chlorophyll level of the fruit in the growing phase.

12) We Breathe About 22,000 Times a Day


Respiratory rate is higher in women and infants. Therefore, they breathe more during the day compared to adult males.

13) Bangladesh Has Six Seasons


Bangladesh experiences various seasons such as summer, monsoon, autumn, late autumn, winter and spring. The climates in different parts of the country also vary.

14) Air Pollution Causes More Deaths Than Smoking

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According to the World Health Organization, the death rate caused by air pollution is much higher than deaths caused by smoking. They estimate that 7.2 million people lost their lives in 2015 due to air pollution.

15) Our Brain Alarms While Traveling


When we go to a new place, our brain is alert to potential dangers. Let’s say we get on a plane and go to a city we haven’t been to before. When our eyes start to close from tiredness, the left part of our brain becomes active. We sleep with one eye open, so to speak.

16) Interesting Facts This Time From Botanists: Tomatoes Are Not Vegetables

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According to botanists, a tomato is a fruit. Even though we can’t make any sense when we think of its taste, the secret is something else. In the biological classification, it is in the vegetable category because it contains seeds and is derived from flowers.

17) We Have More Than 5 Senses

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According to neuroscientists, we have 22-23 different senses in addition to our 5 perceptions. Some of these are our sense of balance, knowing where we are without looking at any of our limbs, and feeling the warmth. For example, distinguishing between the heat emitted by the stove when it is just turned off and a burning flame is one of them.

18) The World’s Richest Businessmen Have More Than 48 Countries


Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Bernard Arnault top the list. Not to forget Google’s founder, Larry Page. Mark Zuckerberg also maintains his top spot as CEO of Facebook. Jeff Bezos, the former CEO of Amazon, has a net worth of $211 billion.

19) The Man Who Entered the Guinness Book of Records for Hiccups: Charles Osborne

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Osborne’s hiccup, which started in 1922, lasted exactly 68 years. It is known that the unfortunate man fell under the slaughter of a pig, thus the hiccup reflex in his brain was damaged. We rarely see this uncontrollable situation in the news. There is no doubt that Charles Osborne turned his life into a dungeon, although most of them passed on their own.

20) Dogs Can See Colors

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Most people think that our lovely friends only see black and white. Dogs can also see shades of green and yellow. Although they don’t have as wide a color spectrum as humans, they do have two more colors.

21) Goldfish Have Strong Memory

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We often describe forgetful people as fish-memory. The reason for this is that the memory of the fish cannot exceed 3 seconds. In research on goldfish, it has been proven that they are successful in conditional recall. For example, they are quite good at recognizing their owner and remembering bait times. They have a very strong memory compared to their other congeners living in the aquarium. They do not forget what has been taught for about 6 months. Thus, we can say that they have elephant memory among fish species.

22) Interesting Facts and Time Travel: Ethiopia’s Calendar Comes 7 Years In Advance


The Gregorian calendar is used in many parts of the world. Ethiopia, on the other hand, sticks to its time system as an exception. They are different because they make their own calculation of the birth of Jesus. In this calendar, 1 day is counted as a leap every 4 years. The point is, we live in different times, on the same date as Ethiopia.

23) Smallest Reptile Discovered in 2021

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Found in northern Madagascar, the chameleon measures 28.9 millimeters. For this reason, it is known as the smallest reptile ever seen. While discovering this creature, called Brookesia nana , a female version was also found. Their tails take up most of their bodies.

24) Shame Is Human

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Considering empathy and other emotional factors, embarrassment is a human trait. Charles Darwin described blushing as “the most complex and humane expression of all emotions”.

25) Our Height Will Be 1 cm Longer During the Day


The fluid between our spinal cord and discs is repaired while we sleep. The stress we experience during the day causes this fluid to decrease. Therefore, there is a 1 cm difference in day and night measurements.

26) Rabbits Can’t Vomit

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Unlike cats and other animals, rabbits do not have the ability to vomit. Their digestive systems go through a single point and stay fixed at the point they eat. They have a single segmented compound stomach. Strong muscles in the stomach entrances prevent vomiting. They eat frequently. Therefore, they do not need to be hungry for an anesthetic intervention.

27) Chewing Gum Increases Concentration

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It was found that those who chewed gum focused more easily than those who did not. At the same time, it has been seen as a result of studies that it strengthens memory. Chewing during the exam is also known to increase concentration. In an experiment with various participants for short-term memory, it was observed that those who chewed gum were more successful.

28) Bees Sting Other Bees Too

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In a study conducted at Macquarie University, it was observed that bees do not only sting people. In the face of an attack from another hive, they can neutralize the other bee by biting. However, only female bees sting. Male bees do not have stingers.

29) The Sound It Makes Changes According To The Temperature Of The Water

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If you listen carefully, you can hear the slight difference in the sound of running water when it is hot and cold. Temperature affects the viscosity of water. Due to the fluidity of cold water, the sound you hear will be higher.

30) We Walk Our Entire Life To Tour The World

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The average person takes about 7,000 steps a day. The distance covered by an 80-year-old who walks every day is equivalent to walking 5 laps around the world.

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