6 Effective Ways to Gain Motivation

Don’t we often say what I wouldn’t give to get away from the details that put you in a tight circle, such as family obligations, job responsibilities, friend requests, even for 5 minutes? Being the brake of everything that is going on around you and being able to stop the time for five minutes can be the hardest thing in life sometimes.

Here are 6 effective ways to overcome routine obstacles!

1) Know when you need a break.
Create five minutes for yourself to escape from the intensity and take a comfortable breath. You know very well that even if you reply to the millionth e-mail in your e-mail box after five minutes, nothing will happen. You can sometimes feel those five minutes as a huge eternity, but remember that a 300-second escape point is very important in the 84,600 seconds you will live that day.

The secret to keeping moments under control is to take short breaks of 300 seconds and think more clearly!

2) Remember why you are where you are.
Finding the necessary motivation to sit at a desk and work for hours can be very difficult after a certain period of time. What you need to do as soon as you feel that you are starting to have difficulties; stop and rethink why you’re sitting at that table.

For some, it is the passion of creating a new idea, for some it is the desire to pass the final exam with the best score, for some, the valuable management of the companies… Make a one-minute reminder to yourself at the beginning and end of the day so that you don’t forget what you’ve been working for from the moment you start on the road. If you have a passion that you lose in the process, success and luck are unlikely to pass you by.

3) Choose the right details to waste your time.

For those who are accustomed to success, taking risks and making new breakthroughs at the right times is the biggest motivation in their lives. In order to get a more efficient return from the work, turning towards innovations rather than continuous work will keep the energy high. However, it is necessary to know the right time and the right details to dive into the weeds.

“What’s the difference between them?” With the question, you can bring a nice filtering to your to-do list and easily put your work in order. Shaping the 24 hours in this direction will help to capture more effective activity and effective details.

4) Write down your experiences on paper.
The most important force that will motivate the future is the past. In order to take a more detailed and insightful look at the past, write down your experiences on paper. Keep the past from getting lost by keeping a five-page diary, whether you’re living it or before you go to bed at night. Write down your instant feelings; It will be an invaluable tool to motivate you in the future and examine your current emotional tendencies.

It is very valuable to detect these trends and to foresee your reactions to the chaos you will experience in the future.

5) Try to establish a wide network.
Sometimes you may be losing your closeness to your goals due to lack of motivation. At this point, the people who will carry you up again will be the people you have previously added to yourself as a network and will guide you. What you need to get out of the chaos you are in may be a book or a crayon. At this point, regardless of his position, job, seniority and other conditions, it is important to find reliable people in your environment; You will understand much better when you feel relaxed.

6) Create a sacred living space.
If you think about any subject regularly, having sacred living spaces that you gift yourself to increase your motivation will allow you to breathe. Ideally, the area you would choose could be a beach or a yoga class. Although it may seem a little interesting, it has also been observed that people who take long flights for their job designate these spaces as sacred spaces for themselves. When you leave the sanctuary you created to maximize consciousness , you will find that your thoughts become brighter and sharper.

You can be sure that these areas will give you the opportunity to self-evaluate in processes where it is not easy to proceed with the same motivation 24/7. By focusing on the pros and cons you have, you will change your personal trajectory and gain new courage for new steps.

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