What is the Department of Surveying Engineering? What Do Graduates Do?

Tercih 2021

Tercih 2021

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The Department of Surveying Engineering has been one of the preferred departments for many years. Every year, thousands of candidates prefer this department. We have also compiled for you the topics that are curious about the department; its future, job opportunities, the amount of salary that its graduates will receive, opportunities abroad, and other issues.

What is the Department of Surveying Engineering?

map engineering department
The Department of Geomatics Engineering aims to measure the earth with various methods and evaluate the data obtained in the digital environment to create plans and maps. After measuring, they make calculations. They put the calculations on a map or plan. There are job opportunities for Surveying Engineers in both the private and public sectors.

How Many Years is the Education Period of the Department of Surveying Engineering?

This department is taught as a 4-year undergraduate department. University candidates who want to enter the department must obtain sufficient points in the numerical score type.

What are the Courses of the Department of Surveying Engineering?

Some of the courses in the department are as follows:
● Engineering Statistics
● Computer Programming
● Engineering Mathematics
● Geodetic Measurements
● Cadastre Information
● Land Application
● Mining Measurements
● Rural Area Arrangement

What Do Geomatic Engineering Graduates Do?

There are many fields in which the Department of Surveying Engineering graduates can work. Graduates of the Department of Surveying Engineering can work in the construction of bridges, highways, dams, subways and tunnels, and railways. In addition to these areas, they can take part in vehicle tracking systems, airlines, and data collection with the help of satellite images. Graduates of the department, who can work in the public and private sectors, can work in cadastral studies, zoning studies, expropriation studies, and real estate.

How Much Salary Do the Graduates of the Department of Surveying Engineering Get?

Salaries of graduates of the Department of Surveying Engineering vary according to the sector they start working. The average starting salary of a Geomatic Engineering graduate working in the private sector is 2.000 TL. The average salary of Surveying Engineers who gain experience is between 5,000 TL and 10,000 TL. The average salary of a Surveying Engineer starting to work in the public sector is 4,000 TL. For Surveyors, the private sector may do better in terms of salary. Because as they develop themselves, their salaries increase. Although their starting salaries are high in the public sector, their raises are less.

What are the Challenges of the Surveying Engineering Department?

The main challenges of the department are: Unlike architects or other engineers working in the construction industry, they need to be in more fields. It should go down to the construction site and take the measurement there when appropriate. This situation can separate the Surveying Engineers from the other engineers and, in some cases, may force them.

Who Can Succeed in the Department of Surveying Engineering?

This section is one that requires patience. That’s why patient people can be successful in the Department of Surveying Engineering. In addition, the level of attention brings success to the department. Even the smallest detail matters a lot. People with close attention and observation skills can succeed in the Department of Surveying Engineering.

What are the Job Opportunities of the Surveying Engineering Department?

The department is one of the most preferred departments. Because, construction and urbanization processes continue on earth. As long as all kinds of construction works such as buildings, dams, bridges continue, Surveying Engineers will be needed. Geomatic Engineers work in constructing dams, roads, bridges, and buildings. It is a profession found in both the public and private sectors. If we look at the working areas in the public sector; Examples such as State Hydraulic Works, Ministry of Transport, municipalities, General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre can be given. Of course, for the recruitment of public employees, the exam must be taken at the end of the license, as it is taken with the KPSS score. Having the option of working in the field or desk is also a big advantage.

What are the Abroad Opportunities of the Department of Surveying Engineering?

Graduates of the department are required to obtain an equivalence certificate in order to benefit from job opportunities abroad.

In Which Fields Can Graduates of Geomatic Engineering Department Specialize?

Among the fields that graduates of the department can specialize in is geodesy. Geodesy deals with space and earth. It studies from the movement of the earth’s crust to the movement of the stars. Another area of specialization is digital image processing. People who specialize in this field can work to find the speed of vehicles in traffic, develop technology used in cancer diagnosis, and many other areas.
Photogrammetry is another area to specialize in. They can specialize in various subjects, from satellite photography to 3D models. Public surveys can become experts by specializing in land lawsuits urban-rural land arrangements.

What is the Future of the Department of Surveying Engineering?

The following can be said for the department’s future: According to the laws made after earthquakes, independent auditor companies have to employ Geomatic Engineers. As long as the construction and urbanization process continues, geomatic engineers will be needed. The urbanization process is increasing rapidly in our country to be defined as the profession of the future.
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