Our Time is So Valuable! Here are the 10 Most Common Things to Waste Our Time

Emre Ülkem

Emre Ülkem

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The time that passes in the blink of an eye may not be very important, but the place of the concept of time in our lives is of course indisputable. As such, the choices we make in time management are very important. It is a fact that especially successful people are very meticulous about time management. But unfortunately, many people do not make good use of their time, in other words, they waste it.
So what are we wasting our time doing? Here, I touched on the actions that steal our time the most.

1) Abusive use of Facebook

It is known that there are more than 80 million fake accounts on Facebook. This figure alone shows that people waste their time as if it has no value. It would be very helpful if you try not to check Facebook more than twice a day.

2) Abuse of television

Sitting in front of the TV for hours is the most time-wasting act in the world. Most of the people prefer to watch TV instead of reading a book. It has been determined that 4 million adults in the UK have never read a book for this reason.

3) Talking about others (gossiping)

Do you realize that when you talk about other people’s lives you are stealing from your own life? No second spent talking negatively about someone can be brought back.

4) Getting into pointless arguments

Isn’t it easy to get caught in an argument? Because we all think that we are usually right and we can never be wrong. The longer the pointless discussions drag on, the more we lose, unfortunately.

5) Making unnecessary phone calls

This is quite difficult to measure. Ultimately, any phone call has the potential to be important, but it’s entirely up to you to understand it and make the decision. The thing to do is when you have important work to do, you have to prioritize them.

6) Spending a lot of time in shopping malls

Allocating the time you spend in a shopping mall to more important, bigger tasks will enable you to manage your time better. Online shopping is an effective solution to this problem.

7) Playing video games for long hours

Gaming can be a necessity for everyone, up to a point. But if it’s not part of your job or if it doesn’t give you anything, it’s best not to overdo it.

8) To follow the magazine

Instead of spending time following the private lives of celebrities, you can engage in activities that will contribute to your own happiness and well-being. To be frank, the magazine has no value.

9) Continuing relationships that don’t work

Let’s dig a little deeper. It’s just a waste of time to stay in a relationship with someone you’re not compatible with. Sometimes people are afraid to end long relationships that are not going well. Each postponed day will add regret to your regret.

10) Going after a hated career

There are few things worse than pursuing a career you have no interest in. The sooner you change your career path, the better. Because after 5-10 years, you may not even have a chance to go back.

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