Pablo Escobar: His Life Story and 30 Words

Pablo Escobar is described as the first and most famous “narco-terrorist” by many institutions, including the DEA. He was born on December 1, 1949 in Colombia. In 1976, at the age of 27, he married 15-year-old Maria Victoria. Two children were born from this marriage. Escobar, one of the 7 children of a poor family, started his life in crime in his youth. His first illegal activities were smuggling stereo equipment and selling tombstones. He dropped out of college and, while continuing to steal in the early 1970s, kidnapped a Medellin executive and received a $100,000 ransom in return.

Pablo Escobar decides to enter the cocaine business in 1976. After this decision, he establishes an international criminal organization called the Medellin Cartel. It is thought that this cartel, Escobar, shipped around 70-80 tons of drugs annually until 1980. Again in these years, he started to smuggle drugs into the United States via Florida with the support of airways, and his earnings increased even more. In America, the Medellin Cartel has now become the first address for drug dealing. In this way, with his increasing wealth, he is the 7th richest person in the world. has become a person. With the money he earned from the drug trade, he built hospitals, stadiums and residences for the poor between 1972 and 1982. In addition, it sponsored sports teams and institutions.

Pablo Escobar

This was done to gain the support of the poor, which earned him the nickname “Robin Hood” by some. He was later elected to parliament as the candidate of the Colombian Liberal Party, but was dismissed in 1982 after his crimes were exposed. The minister of justice of the time, who played a role in the realization of this situation, was later killed. Pablo Escobar also fought local and foreign cartels and killed many people. However, on the decision to send drug smugglers to America, he declared war on the Colombian government and kidnapped many people and took them hostage. It carried out bombing and armed attacks. It is thought that these attacks caused the death of 4000 people. Despite this, he was loved by the people of Medellin.

Pablo Escobar died on December 2, 1993, after a long conflict in the operation against him. But his relatives also claim that he committed suicide after his death. Around 25,000 fans attended his funeral. In this article, we have included 30 excerpts from the life of drug Escobar. Happy reading!

1) What is sin in the eyes of men may not be so in the eyes of God.

2) Be sure that every step you take will lead you to peace.

3) Fear keeps people alive.

4) There can only be one king.

5) Ignorance brings too much courage.

6) Brave men die quickly.

7) I am not a rich man. I’m a poor man with money.

8) He beat us because he was ready to do things we wouldn’t.

9) Lies are necessary when the truth is too bitter to believe.

10) Everyone has a price, the important thing is to learn what it is.

pablo escobar

11) Sometimes I am God, if I say a man is going to die, the man dies the same day!

12) When I die, all I want is for you to bury me here and plant a kapok tree over me. The body is just a tool given to us so that we can live on earth.

13) If you support the devil, you become the devil.

14) At one point I had so much money that I couldn’t even keep an account. I stopped counting when I realized I had become a money machine.

15) There is only one thing I learned in Colombia; Good and bad are relative concepts.

16) A tomb in Colombia is better than a prison cell in America.

17) There are two hundred million idiots manipulated by a million smart men.

18) Life is full of surprises, some good, some not so good.

19) Everyone has a price, the important thing is to find out what it is.

20) Only those who are hungry for me and stand by me when I have a bad time at some point in my life can eat at my table.

Escobar ve ailesi

21) If you have a wicker tail, you should not try to blow out a candle with it.

22) To be able to write history, you must first finish it.

23) If you pluck a leaf from a chamomile, the stars will flicker.

24) A lie stands on one foot, and the truth stands on two legs.

25) Good things are often hidden in what seems like a bitter experience to us.

26) The bad things people do continue to exist after them, while the good things are usually buried with them.

27) I’d rather cry in a Mercedes than on the bus.

28) In any case, as Machiavelli said, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

29) If you plan carefully, everything you want will come true.

30) You must believe in the destiny of mankind. Sometimes it can be happiness, sometimes it can be pain.




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