15 Life Lesson Quotes from the Book of ‘The Art of Living Intelligently’

The book of maxims written by Baltasar Gracian in 1647 contained ideas far ahead of the “Art of Living Intelligently” era. So much so that the recommendations in it are acceptable and applicable according to today’s logic.
Let’s take a closer look at the ideas in this 17th-century work.

1) A lot of people might actually be really smart if they didn’t think they were smart.

2) Know your strongest side. This is the most important inborn talent you have been given; If you improve it, the rest will come. It is inevitable for a person who knows his/her strength to reach perfection. Recognize which of your qualities is superior and take responsibility for it.

3) One of the great lessons in life is to learn to restrain oneself, and more importantly, to learn to deprive oneself of certain jobs and people.

4) It is a great misfortune to be of use to no one, but another misfortune to be of use to all.

5) Only the flaws of little-known people are little-known.

6) Be slow in enjoying life, but fast in working. Because a person is happy when his work is done, and sad when the pleasures are over.

7) A person who does not leave work for tomorrow always goes further.

8) Even if you achieve extraordinary excellence, adopt ordinary attitudes in displaying it. The more light a lamp gives off, the faster it melts and runs out of energy.

9) The maturity of the mind is not to believe everything instantly.

10) Man without knowledge is a world without light.

11) Intelligent people are usually impatient because as one’s knowledge increases, so does his impatience with fools.

12) The world doesn’t care about efforts, it only cares whether you succeed or not.

13) It seems to people that everything used to be the best, and everything that cannot be reached is more valuable.

14) Know Yourself. Accurately assess your abilities, capabilities, decisions and tendencies. If you don’t know yourself, you can’t control it. Although mirrors can show you your face, they cannot show what is inside your mind. Let your deep thoughts about yourself mirror you. When your outer appearance is forgotten, embrace the inner to develop and perfect it. Learn about the power of your intelligence and your capacity to get things done. Test your courage so that you can show it when needed. Against everything, lay your foundations strong, keep your mind fresh.

15) You don’t need to showcase your talent in front of everyone. Do not use more force than necessary. Don’t let extra power or knowledge be wasted. A skilled hawk will only fly enough birds for its current drag prey. If you show off too much today, you’ll have nothing to show for tomorrow. Always have something new in a corner that will dazzle everyone. Offering something new every day keeps expectations alive and helps hide the limits of capacity.

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