20 Excerpts from the Memorable Works of Maxim Gorky, One of the Master Pens of the 19th Century

The writer, whose real name is Aleksey Maksimovich Peshkov, was born in Russia in 1868. Because he lives in poverty and pain, he takes the name “Gorky”, which means pain in Russian. His writing career, which started in a newspaper in 1982, grows rapidly. His novels and stories become famous all over the country. He achieved his real fame with the novel Ana, which he wrote in 1909 and dedicated to the Russian Revolution. He was elected to the Russian Academy of Letters in 1902, but II. Nikolas does not accept this. Thereupon, Anton Chekhov and Vladimir Korolenko leave the academy. We have brought together the most impressive quotes from the valuable works of Maxim Gorky, who left a great mark in the literary world.

1) “Read a book, but remember: a book is a book. You act with your mind, not with a book!”

2) “The way a person lives, the way he thinks.”

3) “The source of life is love, not hatred.”

4) “Do you know, I am very lonely; I have no one in the world! A person is silent, he remains silent, but one day, he suddenly starts to empty the things that have accumulated in his soul… Then he is willing to talk to the tree as well.”

5) “Some people live such a miserable life that they have to regard their vices as virtues involuntarily.”

6) “All people blame each other for their failures.”

7) “As life conditions got harder for me, I felt stronger and even smarter. He understood long ago that a person matures thanks to his resistance to the environment that surrounds him.”

8) “Don’t be in a hurry to judge, condemn, blame!
This is the easiest way; protect yourself from such conveniences. Look at everything calmly and calmly, and at the same time think of only one thing: Everything passes, everything changes for the better. Huh, does this take long? Better yet, the longer it takes, the stronger the change! Watch, examine, probe everything. Be fearless. But do not rush to judge…”

9) “It is a terrible thing to have a monotonous life. If this did not kill his soul, living becomes more and more unbearable by the day.”

10) “I’ve always lived my life from the edge and corner. My pain was my own, but my joy was stolen.”

11) “It is forbidden to sin, but it is impossible not to sin… Because although the streets are well-kept, human souls are in chaos.”

12) “Sin is like a swamp. The further you go, the more you sink!”

13) “Man always wants to impose his love on someone. Sometimes he does not even think that he is crushing him with this love, poisoning the life of the loved one.”

14) “There are people who consider a disease of their soul or body to be the most valuable thing in life. They carry this disease all their lives, they live only with it. They are washed from it, so they are entitled to other people’s attention.”

15) “The less a person can manage with things, the happier he will be; as wants and needs increase, freedom decreases.”

16) “Keep in mind the good things, forget the bad things.”

17) “Only, your petty pains seem deeper than mine. Everyone, he’s a disgrace, he says…”

18) “The street is full of people. Lots of people pass by. You see them, but they don’t interest you… They don’t even care. They pass by… But when you read it in the book, it hurts so much that your heart will stop.”

19) “They used to put a man in jail for stealing. Now they are imprisoning him for telling the truth.”

20) “If a person has no shame, nothing is a problem.”

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