12 Quotes on Man and Progress from Kafka’s Aphorisms

Zeynep İrem Çobanoğlu

Zeynep İrem Çobanoğlu

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Kafka is a master of literature who depicts the souls of loneliness, alienation and meaninglessness. I have compiled some examples of human and progress from his Aphorisms, one of the rare completed works he left behind.

1) “All human error arises from impatience, from the premature interruption of the purposeful, and from the so-called fence of the so-called problem.”

2) “After a certain point, there is no going back anymore. This is where we need to reach.”

3) “If you are walking on a straight road, if you still go backwards despite all the desire to move forward, then it would be a hopeless situation; but since you are climbing a steep slope as you can see from below, the backward slip of your steps may be due to the nature of the ground. You must not despair.”

4) “Happiness is realizing that the ground you step on cannot be greater than the one covered by your two feet.”

5) “How can a person enjoy life if he does not take shelter in it?”

6) “A stair rung that is not pitted by steps is merely a piece of wood so joined together by the rung itself.”

7) “The pleasures of this life are not the pleasures of life itself, but our fear of ascending to a higher life; The torments of this life are not the torments of life itself, but the torment we inflict on ourselves because of this fear.”

8) “Don’t waste your time looking for an obstacle. Maybe there are no barriers at all.”

9) “Theoretically, there is a possibility of complete happiness: believing that there is an indestructible being within us and not striving to attain it.”

10) “The first sign that wisdom begins is the will to die.”

11) “To shut out is essentially to open inward. Do you want peace? Few things, few people.”

12) “Man gets up, falls back, gets up again, and so on.”

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