10 Quotes on Emotions and the Inner World from ‘When Nietzsche Wept’

The hardest part starts with pronouncing his name. The first part is read as ‘NI’ and the next as ‘ÇE’. Then, understanding his extraordinary words: “God is dead! Like, “We killed him.” Finally, we arrive at a fascinating, knowledgeable and very useful thinker.
Born in a quiet village in Germany in 1844, Friedrich Nietzsche was awarded the title of ‘professor’ when he was just in his 20s, due to his outstanding achievement. He had many problems in the following years; he didn’t sell the books, he couldn’t get along with his family, the woman he loved had rejected him. After 11 exhausting years, he passed away at the age of 56, leaving behind valuable works.
Irvin D. Yalom’s book titled “When Nietzsche Cries”, which is about hopelessness, is a journey through the stops where the subjects of existence such as destiny, belief, truth, peace, happiness, pain, freedom, will… And here are 12 quotes from this precious book!

1) “The sacred is not the truth, but the search for one’s own truth! Can there be anything more sacred than questioning oneself?”

2) “What did I learn? I’ve learned to live in the moment I’m in.”

3) “Perhaps you are thinking about the people you love, but dig deeper… In the end, you will find that they are not the ones you love. You love the feelings this love creates in you. You love the desire, not the desired…”

4) “Man forgives his friend more difficult than his enemy.”

5) “If the choices I make enslave others, I will not choose that freedom.”

6) “You will find that no one ever does anything just for someone else.”

7) “I have a rock-solid saying: Be what you are.”

8) “Almost no one escapes the pain of love.”

9) “After the rare times when I succumb to my loneliness and tell others about my fondness, I have always hated myself.”

10) “The love that I dream of is much more than two people trying to own each other.”

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