10 Quotes from Self-Help Author Guy Finley’s Book To Be Liberated

He was born on February 22, 1946 in America. Guy Finley, who started his career as a musician, becomes the first white rock artist under the Motown Records label. He quits music, saying that there is something missing in his life while he has a great fortune. He sets out to study the sacred teachings of India and the Far East. In the 1990s, he began to write on this subject. Writing on spiritual guidance, Guy has 15 books in print and 4 as e-books.

“Self-pity is a slow-acting poison. It first rots and then destroys your heart by suffocating it with dark and unnecessary emotions.”

“When you grow any bad seed of bitterness, all you get is a bitter fruit.”

“Everything good comes to those who think everything is good.”

“Almost anything can be the last straw for us.”

“When we’re in control of ourselves, we don’t say cruel things to others. We don’t rush. Fear cannot dwell in us. Painful regrets become a part of the past day by day; the dark days that bring us down lose their power as we now know the difference between passing through the clouds and the skies where they float. This is real will power. “

“If you have found your source of happiness and peace in just being alive, you are well on your way to reclaiming your authentic fearless self.”

“Speed in all its forms is irrational, but worse is a mind blinded by desire chasing something without being aware of the action.”

“Wisdom is the seed of freedom, but only if we take action can we see it bloom.”

“Nothing that is true is lost. Just as the seed must give way to the seedling so that it can develop and bloom, we must learn to let go of certain things against all odds so that what must grow there grows. Love never dies, but changes its form and expression that we can see its example and willingly repeat.”

“The main plausible reason one should listen to one’s heart is that there is more to learn from those of us who speak ‘non-words’ than those who speak with words.”

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