10 Quotes from Ryan Holiday, a Young Marketing Genius

Ryan Holiday was only 22 years old when he worked as a marketing manager at American Apparel, an expert on “Growth Hacking” and the manipulator who deceived the New York Times in the past years. He is a marketing genius, media strategist, entrepreneur and author.
Here are 10 quotes about life from marketing genius Ryan Holiday, who specialized in different fields and created his own perspective at a young age:
1) “When smart people read, they often ask themselves a simple question: What am I planning to do with this information?”
2) “Think about progress, not perfection.”
3) “Where the mind leads, the body follows. Perception is preceded by action. Right action follows right perspective.”
4) “Often times, the obstacle in our path becomes the path itself. We must not forget that every obstacle is an opportunity to improve ourselves.”
5) “The only guarantee in life is that anything can go wrong. All we can do to prevent it is to have expectation. Because the only variable we can fully control is ourselves.”
6) “People can learn from their failures. But they may never learn from their successes.”
7) “We should focus on the present, not on what may or may not happen in the future.”
8) “Failure guides us by showing which way is not right.”
9) “You know what’s better than building things using our imagination? Building in real life.”
10) “In any case, life asks us a question and what we do is the answer to that question.”

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