10 Great Quotes From The Cult Sci-Fi Novel “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”

“The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, one of the cult books of the science fiction genre, makes the reader laugh and think deeply. Douglas Adams, producer and script editor of Doctor Who, wrote this work as a play for BBC radio. However, it was published as a 5-volume book in 1979. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, one of Elon Musk’s favorite books , is a source of inspiration for many people.

1) “If man doesn’t keep working his lips, his brain starts working.”

2) “Life is wasted at the hands of the living.”

3) “You cannot see what I see, because you see what you see. You cannot know what I know, because you know what you know. What I see and know cannot be added to what you see and know, because they are not of the same kind. Nor can it be interchanged with what you see and know, because this is what you see and know.” It will mean changing.”

4) “With every decision we make, with every breath we take, some doors open and others close. Most of them we don’t even notice.”

5) “Why would I want to make something up? Life is bad enough without trying to make something up.”

6) “When you know exactly what the question is, you will understand what the answer means.”

7) “I’m not going to be anyone’s puppet, especially my own.”

8) “Anything you see, experience or hear in any way is private to you. You create a universe for yourself with your own perception. Therefore, everything you perceive in the universe is private to you.”

9) “Maybe logic was a good thing, but it was a fact that it had some drawbacks, as the evolution process discovered. It is possible for anything that can think logically to be easily deceived by something that can think just as logically as it does.”

10) “It is said that flying is an art or rather a skill.
In fact, the whole trick lies in throwing yourself at the ground and missing the ground.”

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