The Contrary Voice of Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature 10 Quotes from Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Dispossessed

Zeynep İrem Çobanoğlu

Zeynep İrem Çobanoğlu

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Le Guin’s novel The Dispossessed, in which he questions concepts such as politics, gender inequality, discrimination and freedom, is one of the most popular science fiction/utopia works of all time.
The writer, who defines himself as a Taoist, Anarchist and Feminist, includes criticisms that find ground in a wide range from Jungian psychology to the destruction of the environment and the world, from dystopian worlds created by ruthless politicians to philosophical movements.
The excerpts we selected from the author’s most famous novel, The Dispossessed, also summarize his literary personality and world of thought.

1) “You cannot buy Revolution, you cannot make Revolution. You can be a revolution. The revolution is either in your soul or it is nowhere.”

2) “Strength is not gained by harming each other. Only weakness can be gained.”

3) “I’m talking about spiritual pain! It’s because people see their talents, their work, their lives wasted. That the wise bow down to the fools. From seeing strength and courage stifled by envy, greed for power, and fear of change. Change is freedom, change is life.”

4) “No one who does not want to go as far as I do has the right to prevent me from going.”

5) “There is such a moment around the age of twenty; For the rest of your life, you have to choose to be like everyone else or turn your differences into virtues.”

6) “Thoughts cannot be destroyed by suppression. They can only be destroyed by disregard.”

7) “If you can see something as a whole, it always seems beautiful. Planets , life… But on closer inspection, this world is just dust and rock.”

8) “Fish are not aware of the water unless they hit the shore.”

9) “I will die, you will die; How else could we love each other? And the sun will go out one day, how else can it continue to shine?”

10) “What drives people crazy is trying to live outside the truth. Truly terrifying. It can kill people. But the lies that drive you crazy are escapes from the truth. Those lies that make you want to kill yourself…”

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