If you tell, I forget, if you teach, I remember. If You Include Me, I’ll Learn: Anne With An E

Anne with an E is a 3-season Canadian series offered by Netflix to period series lovers. As of time, it is a very nice series that reflects the social, educational and business life of rural Canada in the late 1800s. You can continue by listening to the generic music of the series I have added below.
In terms of the subject, Anne of Scottish origin, who spent part of her life in an orphanage after losing her parents and loves to read, is given to the Cuthbert family as an adopted child. The whole story starts right after this point. The Cuthbert family consists of two never-married brothers. With Anne’s imagination and courage, the Cuthbert family embarks on unpredictable adventures.
The series has received a lot of attention from all over the world. Along with the positive comments made by those who prefer period series, Increased demands for the filming of its 4th season. But the producer of the series, Moira Walley-Beckett, stated that this story on her social media account. It has been announced that it has ended with the third season. Despite this, series lovers organized signature campaigns on social media. They are doing their best for season 4.
In terms of the main idea of the series, the fact that the main character continues his life bravely by accepting himself as he is, despite all the negativities he has experienced and the opportunities he does not have, will be a source of inspiration for many people. Here are some quotes from the series:
“Life is too short for me to hold grudges or focus on the wrongs. ”

“There is no straight path in art or in life. Sometimes there is no way. ”
“The truth of love is hidden in what you expect from the world and how you accept love, as well as the difficulties and internal factors beyond your control that make you who you are. ”

– ”Why should I have to be sensitive to reckless or even repulsive people? ”

“If you tell, I will forget, if you teach, I will remember. I’ll find out if you include me.”

“I think broken things have a sad beauty of their own. The triumphs and tragedies over the years are imprinted on them. They can be much more romantic than new items that have not touched any life.”

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