10 Quotes from Kemal Tahir, a Successful Literary Artist Known for His Village Novels

Kemal Tahir, one of the social realists, comes to the fore with his description of village life with scientific methods. He believes that the novel will emerge from the realities of the peasant and the worker, and he writes his articles accordingly.
So I brought together the best quotes from those unique works of Kemal Tahir that tell the story of life itself.

1) “One who betrays once betrays always and everything. He should never get used to betrayal.”

2) “Our literature teacher was a very angry woman.

3) “I read somewhere. People endure pain more than joy.”

4) “Where does despair come to us when hope rises and grows, giving rise to new hopes?”

5) “Does human beings have a duty in the world other than to ask? No, there is not. Because they have no other duty to find. We ask because we cannot find them.”

6) “We come into the world naked, we leave the world naked, but it is the rags we wear that determine our personality.”

7) “We are breaking, where we stand, we become ashes.”

8) “He who loses hope loses everything.”

9) “Since the establishment of the world, it has not been possible to distinguish between the sword or the pen, which is more bloody. , you know? Is it enough for you to say “Let me collect it” back? Is it in your power not to have said what you said?”

10) “The worst thing is that we try to form a union with another person, to match our feelings with each other without any detail, even though we live in conflict with ourselves most of the time!”

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