10 Powerful Quotes from Malcolm Gladwell, One of the World’s Most Successful Personal Development Authors

Born in England in 1963, Gladwell graduated from the University of Toronto, Department of History. Malcolm faces many challenges as he wants to enter the advertising industry after graduation. He always comes back with a negative answer from many job interviews he went to. Then he turns his direction to journalism. Malcolm, who started writing in The New Yorker, became the precursor to his writing of the book. Malcolm, who has signed many books on personal development, put his name on the list of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in 2005.
Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers and Why Some People Are More Successful are among the 3 reference books that helped successful actor Will Smith change his life and develop new perspectives. includes books.

1) “If you work hard enough, put yourself forth, use your brain and imagination, you can shape the world the way you want.”

2) “The rational man adapts himself to the world; the irrational insists on adapting the world to himself. So progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

3) “There is an important principle that guides our thinking about the relationship between parenting and money: More is not always better.”

4) “Courage is not something you already have that makes you brave when hard times begin. Courage is something you gain after going through tough times and discovering that those times weren’t all that hard. See the terrible mistake the Germans made? They bombed London because they bombed London. “They thought that the tramp of the bombardment would destroy the courage of the British. But the opposite happened. It created a city of people who survived the attack and were braver than ever before. It would have been better for the Germans if they had never bombed London.”

5) “We condemn people to failure from the very beginning. We overly admire the successful and grossly disregard the unsuccessful.”

6) “The suicide rates of citizens of happy countries are higher than those of unhappy countries because when they look at the smiling faces around them, the contrast is so great.”

7) “If people in authority want the rest of us to behave, they must first of all behave themselves.”

8) “If you work hard enough, put yourself out there, and use your brain and imagination, you can shape the world the way you want it.”

9) “We all know that successful people come from sound seeds. But do we also know enough about the sunshine that warms them, the soil they’re rooting in, and the rabbits and woodcutters they’re lucky enough to stay away from?”

10) “We all have our own unique personality. However, the tendencies, assumptions and reflexes from the past of the society in which we grew up are located on this personality.”

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