10 Inspiring Quotes on Freedom and Happiness from Nietzsche’s Mentor, Arthur Schopenhauer

Zeynep İrem Çobanoğlu

Zeynep İrem Çobanoğlu

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The famous German irrationalist philosopher Schopenhauer is known as Nietzsche’s mentor. Schopenhauer, who drew a pessimistic thought profile and argued that the world is governed by irrational dynamics, was in the 19th century. He is one of the thinkers who formed the foundations of 19th century philosophy. Let’s look at the words of Schopenhauer, who stands out with his theses on the pursuit of happiness, about happiness.

1) “Happiness is hard to find within ourselves, impossible to find elsewhere.”

2) “We can regard our life as a slice of futile discomfort in the blissful silence of nothingness.”

3) “Happiness is based on the frequent repetition of pleasure.”

4) “The measure of man’s possible happiness is predetermined by his individuality.”

5) “All limitations make happy. The narrower our field of vision, influence and touch, the happier we are. The more these expand, the more distressed or anxious we feel.”

6) “We must restrain our imagination in all matters concerning our happiness and well-being. So, first of all, we shouldn’t dream. Because they’ll cost more than we’ll sigh again right after.”

7) “A happy life is impossible; The best man can achieve is a heroic life.”

8) “There is only one inborn error, and that is to think we are here to be happy.”

9) “We have a congenital defect; We all think we are born to be happy. Unless we correct this defect, the world will appear to us as a place full of contradictions. Because in every step we take, whether we have done something big or small, we will realize that the world and human life are not designed to allow us to live a happy life. That is why it is possible to see the same expression on the faces of all old people, namely disappointment.”

10) “Man can be himself to the extent that he is alone; if he does not love solitude, he will not love freedom, because man is truly free only when he is alone.”

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